War Poem

Dedicated to those whose beautiful life has perished in vain..... May we always remember......

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Published: November 2009

We've heard the cries from those grief stricken souls
Of families that lost loved ones that were dumped into holes

Like the children of Rwanda who were murdered in bloody seas
Bodies left lying on muddy grounds and full of fleas

As operation Karbala 4 saw sons of twelve and more thrown into war
And though 10,000 perished in a day they cried out for more

We have witnessed terrible crimes that violated our minds
People who used these opportunities and associated with those kinds

As the invasion of Osama by his men into US through planes
Killing so many innocents lives under thousands of falling panes

Stories we have heard read and seen
Still people massacred others just to create a scene

Imprisonment and extermination of Jews by Adolf Hitler
Preaching to many he knew more by cleansing us of those he thought littler

Rockets destroyed Lebanon, Israeli and its people
Slaughtering humans asleep under their steeple

Humankind has been ill-treated butchered and buried rotten
My brothers and sisters, may you never be forgotten

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