Teen Mental Illness Poem

Struggling With Anxiety And Depression

This poem was written in a major time of despair. My family has been struggling for quite a while now with money issues, job loss, and everything else you can imagine, but on top of all this, I am diagnosed with having Anxiety/Depression and require medical attention. We struggle back and forth every day with finding ways just so I can keep my doctor appointments and have money for my prescription medicines. At some point even the strongest of people break.

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My Heart Desires Freedom


Published: August 2017

Each day a brand new struggle:
No food to eat, too stressed to sleep, trouble on my mind,
Tired of life, tired of pain, too tired to even try.

I can't decide if I am happy or if I'm torn inside.
There's a smile upon my face,
but tears stream from my eyes.

I'm searching for some answers,
Looking far and wide.
Still there is no clue I find to help erase these dark grey skies.

Red eyes and burning cheeks,
I feel as if I'm on fire,
Desperate and empty.

Freedom, my heart desires.


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