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I have written and published three books. I love to write about children, animals and best friends. I have written other books as well but have not had the opportunity to have them published. I am southern, and I write with a southern accent. The message that I am sending is that anyone can be friends with whomever you choose. Human or animal. Life would be lonely without a friend. My name is Becky Robbins, and this is one of 15 rhymes/poems in a book that I have named Rhymes with Reason.

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Yes I was very impressed by this poem. Made me laugh.

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My Name Is Pearl


Published: April 2014

Said the bunny to the squirrel,
Are you a boy or a girl?
The squirrel said to the bunny, I am a girl.
Nice to meet you, my name is Pearl.

Pearl said to the bunny,
What is your name?
I am also a girl, and our name is the same.
Do you want to be friends?
Indeed I do!
I would love to be friends with you.

We have the same name, and yet that is funny.
We have the same name, and I'm not a bunny.
Our name is Pearl, and we are both a girl.
But only one of us is a squirrel.


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  • Keith Baty by Keith Baty
  • 7 years ago

Yes I was very impressed by this poem. Made me laugh.

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