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I like the poems about love - stories of love and I'm always looking for them. Thank you!

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My Secret Promise

© more by Viyanga Gunasekera

Published: May 2008

I ran in blessed drizzle,
I walked across the silver desserts.
I dived under golden sun gleams, and
I passed thousand of seas;
To get to the Seven Gates.
Sometimes I was lost in a crowd
But I felt your love's power
Pulling me towards you all the time.
Will we be able to survive together?
For this world is a flaring place
But I'll gladly take the chance, for
You are the only one I love till eternity.
I stopped, and saw the empty skies above,
A graveyard with a newly buried couple,
A dark cloud wandering lonely.
But the silver line in it,
Manifested the diamond necklace I gave you.
Then came a fresh breeze
I felt your sweet voice and divine aroma in it.
So I saw you in a sea of roses,
In a blossoming bud,
In a luminous sunbeam,
In a fragrant wind,
And then everywhere.
Suddenly there were colors and songs in the atmosphere.
An angel was sprinkling magical dust
A cupid was shooting arrows of flowers.
My heart leaped out
For I saw my Cinderella............
She's a divine Goddess, I was feared to touch.
She had lit a lamp for me
But I was the one who burnt all the time.
She does not know..............................
Her voice filled my vacant ears,
Her magical eyes stung in my heart,
Her glittering smile made haloes in me.
She was my secret promise..............
The flames that burned in my heart,
Now have become caressing petals.
I removed my heart and gave to her,
She wore it in her wedding finger.

- Viyanga


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  • Jenifer by Jenifer
  • 7 years ago

I like the poems about love - stories of love and I'm always looking for them. Thank you!

  • Zodwa by Zodwa, Limpopo
  • 7 years ago

This story reminds me of my much he cares for me, how much he loves me and I love him so much. I wish we could stay together and nothing else can separate us. He means the world to me. I love him!

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