Romantic Poem

The Healing Power Of Smiles

I am a retired professional who writes poems as a hobby. I write mostly rhyming poems, but have experimented with free verse. I live in an apartment down the hall from a beautiful woman who loves nature and fights on behalf of animals. She says my poems inspire her to be a better person. We have been together as a couple for eight and a half years. This poem is about her smile, and about the power of smiles to make people feel better.

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Her Healing Smile

© more by Charles J Booker

Published by Family Friend Poems January 6, 2024 with permission of the Author.

Her lovely smile is anything but aimless -
it aims to heal.

Its brightness penetrates to depths
which light can never reach:
where broken hearts abide;
where the fearful choose to hide;
where all entry is denied.

It has a purpose, seeks a goal:
to find the shattered self 
and make it whole;
to warm the frigid soul;
to help restore what cruel life stole.

It reaches into places where 
no one dares to go, or cares to go:
where warmth is seldom known,
and tenderness is rarely shown.

Her smile has powers to make the 
callous plead. But as for those in
need, they need not be afraid.

And for a lucky few like me,
who feel her love so forcefully 
conveyed, it is powerful indeed.


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