Abuse Poem

My Journey To Recovery From Sexual Abuse

I wrote a poem a long time ago, describing how I felt there was no escape from sexual abuse. Nine years ago I felt like I was trapped in a world of despair that I couldn't get out of. I had been sexually abused by a family member from the age of 9.

I wanted anyone in this position to know that even when it seems there is no hope or escape, there is. I never dreamed that one day I would be where I am now, but here I am. Proof that you can survive and things can change. Never give up hope.

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This from a broken little girl who screamed for her mom all the time but she never came to rescue her. Then I grew and I learned to live with all the bruises and cuts life had thrown at...

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Never Give Up Hope

© more by Louise

Published by Family Friend Poems April 2017 with permission of the Author.

Nine years ago, if you'd have said
I would be where I am now,
I would have laughed and thought you silly.
How could I escape my living hell?

At nine years old my life turned dark,
Until the age of seventeen
I was a victim of sexual abuse.
It was like living a bad dream.

At seventeen I told the police,
Only to be isolated and pushed aside.
I recanted my statement and returned
To a life of secrets and lies.

It didn't scare my abuser off,
Nor did it change how I felt.
It carried on until I was twenty-one
And I got the courage to walk out.

I struggled so much with my mental health
Over the following years.
I went off the rails and hurt myself
While trying to hide my tears.

One night things went horribly wrong
When I drank and everything went black.
I'd thrown myself off a fifteen foot wall,
Hit the floor and broke my back.

As I plummeted to the ground below,
My life flashed before my eyes.
I thought, "This is it. This is the end."
I thought I was ready to die.

Someone was watching over me that night.
For some reason, my life was saved.
Two days later I left the hospital
With nothing more than a back brace.

I fell deeply in love that day
With a man I knew from work.
He held my hand and smiled at me
Even though I probably looked my worst.

He gave me a home and cared for me
As I recovered from my fall.
He took on my past without regret,
Loved my scars, my charms, and flaws.

Two years later, my wish came true
When I gave birth to a baby girl.
She had beautiful, long, dark hair
And a face that changed my world.

Another year on came my baby boy
With blonde curly hair just like me.
His smile lit up my entire life
And made our family complete.

But a dark cloud hung over our heads.
My past wasn't going to die.
I spiralled into a bad depression
That almost claimed my life.

My children gave me incredible strength
As I spoke to the police once again.
Their investigation unearthed
I wasn't his only victim.

Two others have spoken out,
Because I took the brave step to fight.
My own sister is one of the two.
We stand together to do what's right.

I am twenty six years old now
And ready to start a new life
With my two children and fiance
Who will always be by my side.

Don't be scared to do what's best,
Because there is always a way out.
Take it from me, a survivor,
You can do it. I've no doubts!

My life has taken a turn for the good.
I have my children and a loving home.
If your world is dark right now,
Remember to never give up hope.

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  • Elisandra Dejesus by Elisandra Dejesus
  • 5 years ago

This from a broken little girl who screamed for her mom all the time but she never came to rescue her. Then I grew and I learned to live with all the bruises and cuts life had thrown at me.Only to find someone I thought was going to heal me but all I got for 24 years was pain and suffering and right now am still here pretending everything will be all right, but it will never get better, and I don't know how to get out. The little girl in me screams out all the times but hides and runs away from a reality. I feel all alone and empty inside, and I pray to God he takes this all away.

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