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A Nonsense Poem

I always appreciated nonsense poems such as those by Edward Lear as a child. They are a great way to play with words, here is my first attempt!

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Nonsense Needs You

Iola J Zaan © more by Iola J Zaan

Published by Family Friend Poems November 15, 2023 with permission of the Author.

Did you ever not go to a place you don't know
And were sure you should visit there more
Did you ever once feel that a place is not real
And yet know that you've been there before

Did you ever not know which way you should go
And arrive there with hardly a thought
Did you never know why and not ever try
And yet learnt what you never were taught

Are you getting quite good, more than you thought you would.
At a skill you are soon to begin in
And the game that you say you have still yet to play
Isn't that just the one you keep winning?

Have you once ever heard, or recall every word?
That are spoken by babies and creatures
So in not having seen or at least having been
You remember such details and features?

Could you ever once tell that you knew someone well
A person you've never clapped eyes on
If this sounds like you, we like what you do
You're the sort that this nonsense relies on



Iola believes she inherited her love of words from her father. He didn't write but read every day of his life from as long as he could remember. He loved that she assigned made up words when she was too young to know a word for something, it reaffirmed to him the power of words and how much she needed them then. He kept a dictionary and...

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