War Poem

I wrote this for school when we had a day for Veterans. I really am proud of our soldiers and it means so much to me that they risk their lives for us. Thanks soldiers.

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To Our Veterans


Published: August 2012

The night slowly creeping in
The American Flag waving high
The shots still ringing out
The stampede still pushing on
Moments captured
By the camera of time
The click of the shutter
Sits deep in the mind
An American, a soldier, a parent, a wife
Serving so proudly, laying down a life
Drawing the line between truth and lies
Trusting a leader foolish or wise?
No longer the power held by a few
Give the people what they are due
Peace, love, and harmony, does it exist?
Hard to see through the 9-11 mist
Random insanity or a plot so thick
Thought and time cut to the quick
A change on the horizon, Election Day near
Heads in the sand quacking with fear
The battle goes on a world away
Politics and pride still get in the way
Pull in the oars, bring home daughter and son
Eternity will pass until this war is won
The dollar is drowning in excess and greed
Yet the backyard is starving and bleeding with need
A solution to the puzzle of uncertainty and fear
So many lost already
Is the answer near?
Only time will reveal what the future will be
But time cost too much
To America and ME


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