Fall Poem

The Quietness Of Fall

I'm Jupiter Lanclove (that's my pen name). I'm just another teenage girl, maybe not so normal and extremely introverted. Writing gives me joy. I came up with this a few days back. Everyone has favourite months and seasons. Mine is October, the month of fall. It's about how autumn is a peaceful break. I have shared my feelings about the month and how the climate makes me feel full.

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Published: September 7, 2019

Here it comes,
the month of October,
a quiet season for some,
yet it doesn't leave us somber.

The cool breeze sweeps away
the pain of longing.
It makes my heart sway
and leaves my mind tingling.

The muddy brown ground
the yellowing leaves
all lets me peep around
the antiquity of our lives.

And here at last
my heart feels full.
Only October can cast
my soul blissful.



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