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I am 98, and I am so grateful for the era I lived in a while back. Values were real. Now I see people out dining and they are talking on their phones instead of to each other, and it saddens me. I don't begrudge technology. I, too, appreciate the computer, but it seems to have changed family life, and kids play games on their phones or computers instead of going outside and playing with the neighbor kids. I feel more has been lost than gained.

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To Heck With Tech

© more by Alora M. Knight

Published: August 3, 2019

A little old lady, I do not mind being.
What I find I don't like are the changes I'm seeing.
My marbles are still rolling in the right direction.
I enjoy this old world, though it has imperfections.

I promise to stop driving if I start losing control,
But I still think that someone moved our telephone pole.
Now listen, my friends, you don't have to shout.
That won't help me know what you're talking about.

The words that you say have a new meaning now.
I admit that I find they confuse me, somehow.
Websites were something we swished with the broom.
We wouldn't have endured a mouse in the room.

You can take all your I-Pods and fancy cell phones.
Who wants to listen to all those ring tones?
A disc that was flopping would have created a fuss.
Mega-bytes and hard drives really sound ominous.

There's one thing I do know; I don't want to see
My world being reduced to a mere five-by-three.
I know that high-tech can do things that are fine.
Still, when getting touch, don't call me online.



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