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Poem About Expressing Emotions

Well, my name is Ravyn. I'm 17. I've had a hard life, especially at love. It takes everything I have to speak out loud due to fear of abandonment. For many years I have found myself bottling up emotions because simply, I can't trust anyone. One day I woke up and realized that trust does not have to be in a person. I don't have to confide in someone to show my feelings. All I need is a piece of paper. And so, my poetry writing began.

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Secret Keeper


Published: March 2015

You hold all my secrets
Now that he's gone,
A simple phrase or emotion held for days,
To you, it don't matter how long.

My true feelings, emotions I never show,
I tell you and learn which way to go.

When chaos takes place, I don't cry anymore,
Now I can let it go.
I simply say I'll tell you later.
I know you won't tell anyone.
You can't.
You're just a piece of paper.


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