Rape Poem by Teens

This is the story of how I was abused by my best friend. He had recently been my boyfriend and asked me for my love. When I said no, he reacted violently and attacked me the next night. This is my story.

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I was molested from a very young age to just a few months ago. I can relate to all these poems way too well. Through one of my rapes, I got pregnant. He was also abusive physically, and...

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Someday I'll Forget

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Published: February 2012

You were a friend of mine
Before you attacked me.
I told you I wasn't ready,
So you took over.
I was alone at home.
It was late. Dark.
You called me,
Asked me to come over.
We were partners for a school project.
You wanted to work on it. How did I not see?
I didn't hear the anger in your voice.
I went into my room, the look in your eyes.
It was hungry, murderous.
I fought against you when you lunged at me; I tried to be strong.
You used to tease me about being weak, before you were mean.
I was pinned, hurting, I wanted to close my eyes and forget everything:
Who I was, who you were, what was happening.
I wanted to tap my shoes together and go home.
That only happens in fairy tales. This was far from one.
For the next few weeks every time you called me I went over.
You threatened to hurt my family, friends.
I spent my nights doing exactly what you wanted me to, pleasing you, making you happy.
You spent the nights tearing apart my soul.
You had everything worked out so you could be happy.
"All I ever wanted was you." That's what you'd say.
After a while I felt ill, I felt sick.
What do you know? Pregnant with twins.
It was impossible to hide. I couldn't. I was shamed and terrified.
Angry as ever, you came right back and attacked me again.
I fought you all night, crying and screaming. You were inside, hurting.
It took me months after that before I was able to tell on you.
By then you figured out there was a child in the equation.
By then you had tried to kill me.
But I grew up fast.
Your words are empty threats to me now.
Your words are not heard by me anymore. I've grown deaf to them.
I see you sometimes; you should be in prison and you might be when I testify.
A shudder always runs up my spine.
Sometimes I feel as if you're still there, on top of me.
I have nightmares, I wake up screaming like I did when it really happened.
As much as you hurt me, I owe you thanks as well.
You made me who I am. I still have a death wish, but then I just look at my two daughters.
They don't look at all like you.
Someday I'll tell them what their father did.
Someday I'll come back and haunt you, like you do to me.
Someday I'll forget.

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  • Kaitlyn York by Kaitlyn York
  • 3 months ago

I was molested from a very young age to just a few months ago. I can relate to all these poems way too well. Through one of my rapes, I got pregnant. He was also abusive physically, and therefore when he found out about the baby, he did everything he could to make it not happen. I got kicked and thrown and punched till I finally miscarried. It was heartbreaking, but I knew that it was for the best at the time. To this day, I struggle with nightmares and flashbacks. My current boyfriend is seeing that I struggle, especially at night. He's had to pull me out of bad dreams where I'm screaming. I got the courage to get out of the situation. Though I am still coping and healing, my life is now on a better course than it was before. Having been sexually assaulted most of my life, I felt like that was all I would know. But life does get easier. Just don't give up. No matter what is going on. I wanted to so many times, but I didn't, and I am here and better than I have ever been.

  • Charles D. White by Charles D. White
  • 1 year ago

Not a lot of people can have the courage to write a poem. But to write a poem about rape. That's beyond courageous: that's straight up bravery. You are an inspiration to anyone who has ever had to deal with abuse or has been raped. You are my hero. People like you are gonna make the world stronger than ever. Even though that man did what he did, try to forgive him, for even the most evil of people weren't born to do the sins they've committed. Bless you, your family, and your kids. Much love and support to you.

  • Zanele by Zanele
  • 3 years ago

You my darling are such a powerful woman, I mean how many women would raise a baby, twins, even from rape and look at them in positively ... you my darling are a super woman, you are not weak, not at all and don't let anyone convince you otherwise. You are a rock to your babies and God has a plan for them, you will be proud of them one day and you won't believe the history it all started with, they will thank you for giving them life...you are beautiful!

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