Depression Poem

How Circumstances Can Change You

This is an example of a repetition poem. To have suffered and languished silently is something owned by many - to endure without recourse, faith or aspiration, reduced to a mere shadow of one's former self. This poem looks at how staying too long somewhere, or with someone where darkness resides, can have a profound effect.

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The Darkness

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Published by Family Friend Poems April 26, 2022 with permission of the Author.

I had sight, but the darkness offers me no light.
I had visions, but the darkness suppresses them.
I had self-belief, but the darkness overshadows my confidence.
I had freedom, but the darkness shackles me.

I had empathy, but the darkness makes my thoughts so very cold.
I had compassion, but the darkness brings me only indifference.
I had knowledge, but the darkness offers me only ignorance.
I had wisdom, but the darkness clouds my mind.

I had well-being, but the darkness offers me only pain.
I had strength, but the darkness weakens me.
I had laughter, but the darkness made me shed only tears.
I had joy, but the darkness offers me only anguish.

I had feelings, but the darkness brings me only numbness.
I had passion, but the darkness gave me only repulsion.
I had love, but the darkness fills me with loathing.
I had hope, but the darkness brings me only despair.

I have only the darkness and the darkness has me.


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