Animal Poem

A Reflection In Fear

The inspiration for this poem is an actual event; chased by an unknown predator during a remote and long hike. The poem reflects the playful game between hunter and hunted; fear of unknown; fear of getting caught.

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The Hunter

Michael J. Malone © more by Michael J. Malone

Published by Family Friend Poems December 2, 2023 with permission of the Author.

It's evening now the sun is down
And it's time for the hunt to begin
Out of my cave off I go with a grisly frown
To take my place as creatures of night, yet once again

Remorseful? No, the prey is near, and I sense its fear
Gruesome death there will be no escape, no-not this time
My claws are sharp my feet are swift, and I have a keen ear
Steady my pace through the trees knowing soon it will be mine

Faster I go through the night because the night is me
Making no sound anticipating its' death with that ending scream
But stopping yet to question why what did I just see?
What was that through the trees?

Something dark-something there-something waits for me
Is it something-why is this something that was unseen?
I feel my heart out loud sinking-this is something new
But why too dark for the dark to see?

Chasing again I slowly adjust moving with anticipation now
I see my prey to kill is just cover your eyes not to see
It's nothing learned it's the only way I know how

To hear its move slowly now...what does this mean
Somethings wrong-something is new-somethings not explained
In the the night....through the gentle stream
Its message of understanding with starlight whispered

Leaving me with reflections-somethings changed it seems
Because of the previous reflecting, something is now watching me
Quiet so sweet the calm not sought for the end I didn't see
I am the hunter....but something terrible just happened to me



Not a lot to say here. I just enjoy writing as a means to mentally unwind. I also like to read what others have written and look for the meaning behind the words. Not just the meaning, but the emotions/feelings that are being communicated through the words.

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