New Year's Poem

I wrote this poem to wish my loved ones a happy New Year. Being in a long distance relationship and staying away from home, all I could do was send my love and regards to my family and lover through words.

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The Old Is Gone - A New Year


Published by Family Friend Poems December 2017

Silent now!
Be still!
Do your hands tremble?
Does your heart beat fast?
For a year has passed,
And a new one is to begin.

Do you fret?
Do you fear?
A new year is here.

Some have achieved their goals.
To some, their dreams have turned to soot and coals.
Some will never see another dawn.
Oh poor, poor souls!

But to your beating heart I say:
"I wish for you the very best.
May goodness and favor light your way.
For your health and promise I promise to pray."

What I can't promise is a bed of roses.
Sadness and bitterness can be in little doses.
But may you find strength
In your toils and tests
And the worst and best!
It's going to be a bumpy ride -
So tie up your shoelaces.

Let's now raise our glasses
And make this toast
With all those near and dear,
With everyone about whom you care.
With your truest friends and lover - so rare:
May your days be bright and fair! (Hear! Hear!)
Also, my dear reader,
I wish you a HAPPY NEW YEAR!


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