Growing Up Poem by Teens

Teenage Letter To Parents

I wrote this the other day when I got angry at some adults. They think they know what we live through each day and that our lives are like one big fairy tale. So for other kids out there that feel this're not alone, and yes, the adults are wrong. And for the adults reading this, this is just the tip of the iceberg.

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The Truth

© more by Sami Chester

Published by Family Friend Poems July 2017 with permission of the Author.

Most adults sit and wonder
Why we sit and pout,
But so far not a single one
Has it figured out.

They say that our lives are easy,
No reason for us to stress,
But with all these problems,
Our lives are one big mess.

For one, the expectations,
All the pressure put on us,
They expect us to be perfect
And never make a fuss.

They want straight As and artists
Musicians and athletes.
Nothing less will pass for them.
All we do is compete.

But what about last night
When my best friend left?
Why can't I just take a break,
Even for a sec?

But no, we must keep going
To form your perfect child.
We, teens, are getting sick of it.
Let's break loose, get wild.

We are hurt and angry,
Screaming from inside.
Scared to come out
With tears to hide.

Now don't you get it?!
What you've done to us?
Life is so much harder
When there's no one to trust.


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