Life Lesson Poem

Traveling Through Life's Choices

This poem is dedicated to people, who at times must makes steps in life of which we may have no choice!

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Traveling Man

© more by Cynthia Dassie Chester

Published by Family Friend Poems January 2008 with permission of the author.

Take my hand and lead me down the road
Bundle me up, keep me from the cold
Step by step, my feet constantly ache
Rock by rock, my poor legs start to shake

Deep waters I need to quench my thirst
Soon the flaming hot sun will surely burst!
The wind from the trees is something I truly need
To make travelin' on a short path, indeed!

OH! How I wonder what lies on ahead...
Pushing on down this road is something I dread
Do I stop and collapse in the sand?
NO! NO! NO! I am what I am and that's a "TRAVELIN' MAN"!!!


more by Cynthia Dassie Chester

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