Poem about Sadness

From Dreams To Drugs Poem: A Journey Through Poverty

This is a look into what goes on in the mind of someone who is stuck in the hood and how they fall into a rut that feels impossible to get out of.

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Victim Of Poverty

© more by Tommy B

Published by Family Friend Poems January 2009 with permission of the Author.

Poverty stricken youth jus trying to make a buck
mom working two jobs and pops don't give a f**k

daddy never comes around
at night the only sound

that can be heard are the sounds of the ghetto
drug dealing, gang banging the sirens of the po po

he finds himself posted on the corner slangin dope
to him it seems like the only hope

to finally get off the block or stay at a dead end job with no raise
so on the corner he stays

high school dropout with no time for class
time at a desk could be spent in the spot making cash

scarface dreams are clouding up his mind
cocaine sales taking up his time

greed has polluted his brain, spirit, and soul
hatred and a heart as black as coal

have takin over him what is he to do
no one gives him an answer looking for a clue

looking to the sky for some kind of sign
all he can see is a life full of crime

until the day the cops get him or his enemies catch him in the wrong hood
wearin the wrong colors, throwin up the wrong signs if he could

change things he'd do anything for a second chance
times up he has a dance

with the devil that's going to last an eternity
another soul lost, but others see it as another victim of poverty.


more by Tommy B

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