Depression Poem

The Daunting Feelings Of Everyday Depression

When I was a teenager even now in my early 20's, there were days where I felt like I was just going through the motions. I felt empty, broken, useless. I felt like I had to hide how I felt from everyone by wearing a "mask." This poem describes how a typical day looks and feels from the perspective of someone suffering with severe depression. My message to you all is keep fighting. Don't lose hope. Don't be afraid to ask for help and talk to someone. I was too afraid, and it was almost too late for me.

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This poem describes me. I wear a mask all the time, and I am depressed all the time and self-harm almost every day.

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Wake Up, Repeat

Jamie L. Firestine © more by Jamie L. Firestine

Published by Family Friend Poems June 2020 with permission of the author.

She looks in the mirror, and what does she see?
Something frail, broken, and unfree.
She sees the pain swollen in her eyes.
She sees the cuts she marked on her thighs.

She looks at herself with an empty stare
With her crooked smile and her messy hair.
Her mind is spoiled with terrible thoughts.
The anxiety she suffers puts her stomach in knots.

Her eyes are stained from countless tears.
Her thoughts corrupted with constant fears.
She grabs the bottle to numb her pain.
She feels as if she'll never break the chain.

After she cries herself to sleep
And there's no more tears left to weep,
She'll wake up, put on that mask and smile.
She'll walk like it's nothing because that's just her style.

People will walk past her and she'll wave with pride,
But nobody knows she's actually dying inside.
She'll go home, and she'll close her door.
The mask comes off as she lays on the floor.

Again she wipes her tears with her stained bed sheets.
She cries for the night, wakes up, repeat.



From a young age, I loved writing poetry. It brings me peace and joy to share my experiences in my writings with people around the world. I hope they inspire those who are struggling to keep moving forward. As always, giving all my best. Xoxo

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  • Cade by Cade
  • 1 year ago

This poem describes me. I wear a mask all the time, and I am depressed all the time and self-harm almost every day.

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