Love Poem about Marriage

Growing Old With Love Poem

If you ever had true love you will understand this poem. Everlasting Love. Your only wish is that you could do it all over again Having this kind of happiness is heaven on earth and if by some chance we do return to this world we will look for each other until we reunite again

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Will You Pick Me Again

Darrel F. Kersting ©

Published by Family Friend Poems October 16, 2023 with permission of the Author.

We're getting older now our time is coming to an end
I just need to know if you'd pick me again
There's Reincarnation I've heard that it's true                 
When I get back here I'll start looking for you
I don't know what country or state you'll be in
But I won't stop looking till we're together again
It may be a restaurant a church or a school
How about a beach some where that would be cool
When we finally meet I'll know that it's you
And we'll start our lives all over with the words I do
I don't know if we'll be poor or if we'll have fame
If we'll look different or we'll look the same
If we follow are hearts and follow our soul
We'll be back together for this I know
For some people life can be rough now and then
You're not only my lover but you're my best friend
What a wonderful life this has been
It will be the saddest day when it has to end
My only hope is that you will pick me again
Now that we're older it doesn't seem fair
We're loosing are eye sight and getting gray hair
We're looking different from our bottom to our top
I don't want to go back but I wish time could stop
If I end up in a home and forget who you are
Just smile and say I'm your shining star
I'll look up at night and see you in the sky
You'll  be the star that's the brightest and the most high
I have your picture always here by my heart
I'll take it with me so we're never apart
And when I return the next time around
I'll show it to everyone until you are found
We don't have much time left at best a few years
Still time for laughter and maybe some tears
Goodbye for now my Love as we near the end
But when we come back hope you'll pick me again


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