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Keep Going Back To Ex Boyfriend Poem

I dated a guy for 3 1/2 years. We have dated on and off a couple times and I kept telling myself that I would leave him, but I kept going back. Every time I try to hate him, but it never happens because I fall in love with him even more every day.

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You read my mind. I feel the same way we lasted almost 4 years of our lives together and then things changed we both moved on but I know deep down he is still there. I know its wrong but I...

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Wondering Days


Published by Family Friend Poems March 2011 with permission of the Author.

I wonder what the days will bring,
Never knowing when the phone will ring.
I wait for you to take my heart,
But it seems you have had it from the start.
I've tried to let others in,
But I cannot trust them until this comes to an end.
We have tried so many times,
But once in a while, things tire.
I really want to be with you,
But you want to be with others too.
No matter what happens in the end,
I will fall for you all over again.


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  • Yadira by Yadira, Tucson Az
  • 10 years ago

You read my mind. I feel the same way we lasted almost 4 years of our lives together and then things changed we both moved on but I know deep down he is still there. I know its wrong but I can't lie to myself about how I feel about him.

  • Tania by Tania, Rowland Heights Ca
  • 11 years ago

I have the same situation going on. My fiancée passed away 2 years ago. About a year ago I decided to try and move on and try a new relationship with this amazing guy, so I thought... We started the relationship and it was beautiful and amazing for about 3 months, then he started drifting apart. One day he texts me and tells me he wants to break up because he was still in love with the ex-grilfriend. I tried to not feel anything for him but I couldn't fight it. About 3 weeks ago he told me he wanted to be with me and really give us a chance. No more games...One week later he said he wasn't sure about us..and still I can't help feeling the way I do about him and I say I wont go back with him..that I'm done, and I hate the fact that even I know that is not true..That if he were to tell me the same thing I would say yes in a heartbeat.

  • Lisa by Lisa, South Africa
  • 11 years ago

There's this guy that I love with all my heart. We would go out then break up the whole time and it's been like that 6 times now. He never cheated on me before. Everytime he asked me out I would always just run to him and we would be together like it was our first time. But when we break up my heart is broken in pieces. I even sometimes cry myself to sleep....but no matter what I always end up going back to him. And it's never gonna stop.

  • Sulli by Sulli, Korea
  • 12 years ago

This poem makes me think of someone. He's my friend and we've known each other for two years. He is always the one who makes me smile and I like him. People say that he still love his ex, who is very pretty. However, my friends said that he always stares at me and from his speech, they think he develops feelings for me. I am really confused with this.

  • Devan by Devan, Long Beach
  • 12 years ago

I think my story has some similarity, I have a feeling for one girl who can be at times a bit cruel with me, but she always has a way of making me smile and laugh. The other is like my best friend, she makes me laugh all the time, but she can be a player. It's funny because usually a male is the last person you'd suspect going through a confused moment like this.

  • Julie by Julie, Sacramento
  • 12 years ago

This poem really touched my heart. Like the other girls and like yourself, I have a similar story. For me, not so long ago was introduced to a guy that recently broke up with his girlfriend. We started talking as friends and I've been texting him, we've talked about his rough times and I've been supporting him. I started to develop feelings for him and he is the very first guy that I actually really like. Just recently he's been telling me that he likes me and saying things that melts my heart. But I'm really scared and like Maria don't know if I can start a relationship because I have never been in one before. I know that my answer to him is going to be like Maria's but I really don't want to lose him. I'm now very confused because he is a guy that likes to flirt a lot and I'm not sure if he's telling me the truth that he likes me because when he told me that he liked me he was kind of joking around as well and it seems like he have another girl as well.

  • Jessica by Jessica, Dozier
  • 12 years ago

This poem is too much like me. I have liked this kid since I meet him my freshman year. We had a lot in common we were always hanging out. Sometimes he would send me mixed feelings like sometimes he wanted to be more then friends and sometimes he didn't. It was confusing. We did things maybe we shouldn't have. Then we just snuck around and things got bad. It's like he wanted to be with me but he didn't want anyone knowing. I don't want to lose him but I know what we were doing was wrong. I finally told him he needs to make up his mind and now we're right back where we started.

  • Lenneth by Lenneth, Maranding
  • 12 years ago

I loved my best friend, I don't know how and why but I don't wanna fall for him because I want our friendship to last...everyday my feelings for him gets stronger and I guess I can't stop it anymore. I think he knows already my feelings by just observing how I act when I'm with him..And so I'm scared if just one day he will leave me because he can't accept that I fell for him.

  • Kiristian by Kiristian, Tennessee
  • 12 years ago

There's this guy that I've been in love with since August 2008. He would be with me then break up with me over and over again. He would never cheat on me though, he always broke up with me first before going with another girl. But me and him keep getting back together in the end and honestly I don't think it'll ever stop...

  • Botswana by Botswana
  • 12 years ago

I love my boyfriend so much, I am not cheating him.the problem is he keeps on comparing me to his ex girlfriends. sometimes he tease me like I am nothing to him.

  • Kushy by Kushy, SA
  • 13 years ago

This is so me. I've been in love with this guy, whom might I add is way older than me. We have become very close in the years, to the point of me having feelings for him. When my phone rings and its him calling my heart melts. I think he has an idea of how I feel, but he can't do anything about it for he has someone already. I love him deeply and I don't know what to do.

  • Michaela by Michaela, Louisianna
  • 13 years ago

M story is similar to the ones I've read. I have very strong feelings for my best guy friend. I love him so much. He asked me the other day if I liked him... and I told him I love him as a best friend. it tore me apart. but I also have someone in my life already. I don't know what to do.

  • Ros Waik by Ros Waik, Ahmedabad
  • 13 years ago

this poem describes exactly how I am feeling right now. Don't know how it began, I love him so much and we have been friends since the day we knew each other. At times he seems to know how I feel and at times he is just fooling around he talks to me about his unreciprocated love and it hurts me, I want to give him all my love and comfort him always...will he ever know how I feel for him? He is always confusing me.

  • Fedia by Fedia
  • 13 years ago

I felt in love with my brother's friend, I don't know why I love him, but I do. And, he want me to accept that he can't only be with me, he has told me if I can't deal with this idea, we can't be together cause I am not the only one that he loves.

  • Sean by Sean, Illinois
  • 13 years ago

This poem is exactly how I feel... I've been in love with my friend for 6 years, and want nothing more in this lifetime to be with her... she is absolutely perfect in everyway, and the only thought on my mind, day in and day out...

  • Poeta by Poeta
  • 14 years ago

Hi people in search of true love. I am a 25 year old Mexican American poet looking for my Soul Mate. I really like this poem and what the other ladies have commented before me. I just want to tell the single young ladies that if you meet a guy that is a good listener, funny, a true friend in the good times and bad times, and really romantic... give him a chance, don't tell him "Your this or that... bla-bla-bla but lets just be friends" because that really brakes a romantics guy heart. Don't be afraid to start a real relationship with a guy that is sincerely in love with you because true love is more valuable than just wasting time with a wrong person.

  • Amy by Amy, Retford
  • 14 years ago

I felt like this was written for me, my story is almost identical to the above by Maria. I'm falling for a friend I know isn't ready for a relationship, we joke together about my feelings for him. I have another who would be so right for me, treat me like his princess but I just don't have the same spark. What do I do? Wait until the one is ready, which may never happen or move on but always wondering what it could have been like.

  • maria by maria
  • 14 years ago

I can almost relate to this. I also have a friend who confuses me. He is not really my type but we have been friends for so long and my feelings for him go rather deep, but he is not the loving kind and I know this, and yet there is another who would give me his heart, but he too can be very cold. So do I follow my heart or head or for whom?

  • mizxsh.shy.emo13 by mizxsh.shy.emo13
  • 14 years ago

I could relate on this poem because, I had a friend. I don't know why I'm always thinking of him....
actually he is not my first love....
but I'm so confused about him...
but when he tried to ask me if he had a chance....
I told him that "I'm prioritizing my studies and besides we could be just friends for now" but it tore me apart...
It's been a week before we talk to each other again....

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