Confused about Love Poem

Poem The Fragile Balance Of Love: Fear, And Vulnerability

For me, it is easier to let the feelings of my heart flow onto paper. I gave this to a man I once loved. He was afraid to be loved, and I was afraid to give him my all because of it. Finally, we both gave in and it was a great relationship.

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Loving You


Published by Family Friend Poems July 2011 with permission of the Author.

I can see the pain in your eyes from the hurt in your heart,
and I'd really love to fix it, just don't know where to start. 
Every time you let me in a little, you shut me right back out,
and it makes me wanna scream,
"I am a grown woman and games are not what I'm about!!!"
But instead, I'll say I love you and I'll say it a million more times,
if that's what it takes for you to know, for you to acknowledge it in your mind. 
I will never hurt; here it is on paper, in pen,
and I bet if you look at the bottom of these feelings hitting paper
you'll find my signature at the end. 
You have to know I love you, after all this time. 
I'm just afraid because when I'm with you my heart is no longer mine.
So this is it, I'm giving in. 
My white flag has hit the sky.
I'm giving you my everything, don't make me wonder why.
I loved you then, I love you now, and somehow I know I always will.
So for me, please take your time, relax your mind, and learn how to chill.


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