Confused about Love Poem

Poem About Relationship Problems

This poem is about my boyfriend and our problems, but we still love each other dearly.

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Never Letting Go


Published by Family Friend Poems November 2013 with permission of the Author.

She tells him she loves him, when really she doesn't care,
all along she plays this game unfair.
He thinks that he loves her, when he couldn't really care less,
he's just in need of someone to caress.

They go on with this relationship or whatever it might be,
as long as they think each other's happy.
Sadness in her eyes, his disappointment deep inside,
they both feel the need to die.

She wipes her tears, as he wipes his own,
they do love each other; it's just their evil clone.
They say to one another I love you so,
and throughout this struggle there's no letting go.

I'm that girl and my boyfriend's that boy,
and now we hope life we can enjoy.
We try our hardest not to fight,
and in the end hold each other tight.

Because love is both wicked and good.
I just wish from the start we understood
That there's no letting go, no turning back,
no giving up, of this we lacked.


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