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  1. A Gift Of Friendship

    Happy Birthday to my very best friend.
    Your special day has come by again.
    We had so much fun last time around.
    A younger sister was someone I found.

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    Happy Birthday, Dear Tabby

    Another year has come for you,
    Full of moral obligations to do.
    Every day wake up with energy
    To make you work for destiny.
    I may lack a mouth to say happy...

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  3. Friend, On Your Birthday

    Friendly Wishes On Birthday

    Dear friend, on your birthday, I have a message for you:
    Always remember, friends like you are rare and actually few.

    You are amazingly sweet and so much fun.

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  4. Happy Birthday Sister

    God gave me a beautiful gift when he gave me you
    Not only a big sister but a best friend too
    To share times of laughter and memories
    You can’t put a price on precious times like these

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  6. Love And Hugs

    A Message For Your Special Day

    A bunch of flowers,
    A homemade cake,
    That special gift,
    A birthday steak.

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  7. A Friend For Life

    Birthday Poem For Husband

    Out of all the blessings
    Life has bestowed on me,
    You are the loveliest of all -
    This is not hard to see.

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  8. Happy Birthday, Super Star Sister

    Birthday Greetings For My Sister

    From the day you were born I've watched you grow
    Into the nicest person one could know.
    Love changes everything, words oh so true.
    My world changed the moment I first held you.

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    Love your poem, Sister Beryl. You're a superstar.

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  10. Birthday Anniversary

    • By Kristina
    • Published: August 2008
    Inspirational Birthday Wishes

    Each year our birthday forces us to grow
    Into the person whom we have yet to know
    With circumstances that hopefully have made us wise
    When we learn from our multitude of mistakes and tries.

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    This poem is what I sent to my daughter who is in prison.
    To wish her a Happy 31st Birthday and to know with God everything is possible.
    Even when you have regrets in your life. God takes...

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  11. Special Day

    Birthday Poem For A Dear Friend

    Here it is,
    Your special day,
    So I thought I'd take
    This time to say

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    I'm really grateful for your poems.

  12. Birthday Wish

    Birthday Wishes For A Little Girl

    A cake with a lit candle,
    Presents with ribbons and bows,
    A bike with pink, glittery handles,
    A little girl who grows and grows.

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  13. On Your 16th Birthday

    • By Sandra Jeffers
    • Published: August 2011
    Mother To Son Birthday Wishes

    16 year ago today
    They placed you in my arms
    I became a mother
    Bewitched by all your charms

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    Sandra, Thank you so much for sharing this beautiful poem and for allowing me to share it with my 16 year old son. It is perfect in every way, heartfelt with feeling and emotion. I cried...

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