Birthday Poems

Birthday Poems

Happy Birthday Poems

A birthday can be seen as a serious or joyful time depending on one's age and one's attitude towards life. Another year has passed and we look back on failures and successes. We think about our goals for the future and reflect on the past year. These are all thoughts that may came up on a birthday, but the main thing is to use a birthday as an opportunity to celebrate life and be joyful for the chance to be with friends and family.

41 Birthday Poems for Loved Ones

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  1. 1. Friend, On Your Birthday

    Dear friend, on your birthday, I have a message for you:
    Always remember, friends like you are rare and actually few.

    You are amazingly sweet and so much fun.

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  3. 2. The Tongue-Tied Lover

    • By William Brook
    • Published: January 2019

    I ask the heav'nly stars above
    how I might send thee words of love -
    for my impov'rished words won't do
    when sending words of love to you.

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    There are times one comes across poetry that captivates the heart,
    creeps inside never to depart...


    An exquisite ace of diamonds classic
    that only a magician could...

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  5. 3. Special Day

    Here it is,
    Your special day,
    So I thought I'd take
    This time to say

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    I love it. It reminds me of my friend on his birthday. How he enjoyed it to the fullest. I still recall the day like it was yesterday.

  6. 4. B - Is For Birthday

    H - is for the Happiest of all days
    A - is for All the wishes and praise
    P - is for the Presents you'll open with delight
    P - is for the Party that will last into the night

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    Oh, how I love these birthday wishes. I can't wait to share them with my friend.

  7. 5. Happy Birthday, Daughter

    Many are the joys in life.
    I'm blessed with quite a few.
    Still, most of all I'm grateful
    To have a daughter just like you.

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    I am the daughter for which this poem was made. I am still amazed at my Mother's talent and how I didn't seem to inherit her amazing gift! She has been compared to some of the most well known...

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  8. 6. Let Happy Soar And Birthday Fly

    • By John F. Rathbone
    • Published: January 2019

    Birthday girl, birthday girl,
    Let's seize the day, dance and twirl

    Jump up high and touch the sky

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  9. 7. A Friend For Life

    Out of all the blessings
    Life has bestowed on me,
    You are the loveliest of all -
    This is not hard to see.

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  10. 8. Happy Birthday, Son

    Though you cannot see me,
    Just know that I am near,
    Singing happy birthday
    Softly in your ear.

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  11. 9. A Special Day

    • By Georgina Devlin
    • Published: January 2019

    Birthdays come and birthdays go,
    And some mean more than most,
    But you, my friend, dread all of them
    And never wish to boast.

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  12. 10. My Friend On Your Birthday

    Dear friend, let me say
    something on this special day
    Though we are far apart,
    You'll be always in my heart.

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    I was really touched. We once dated and broke up for some silly reasons. I hope this will create an opportunity for us to be back together again.

  13. 11. Happy Birthday

    • By Vashni Kelly
    • Published: January 2019

    The world was blessed with your beauty on this very special day.
    Thank you for being so truly great with the amazing personality you portray.

    Your grace cannot be matched as it's unique in every way.

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    I spent all day thinking about how to come up with a good poem for my girlfriend's birthday. After reading this poem, it captivated my heart and I feel great sending her these words to...

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  14. 12. Her Birthday

    • By Neha Meharde
    • Published: January 2019

    It's your birthday and I sit down to write,
    Reminiscing those times so bright.
    We've been together through thick and thin.
    We've lived through the hurdles to win.

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  15. 13. Birthday Wish

    A cake with a lit candle,
    Presents with ribbons and bows,
    A bike with pink, glittery handles,
    A little girl who grows and grows.

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  16. 14. Happy Birthday, Far Away Friend

    Dear friend, I want to wish you a splendid happy birthday.
    We don't see each other anymore, but I hope everything is okay.
    You're growing to become the intelligent woman I know you can be.
    I'm so fortunate to have a friend like you who's gentle, loving, and sweet.

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    I spent a lot of time with my 1st bf as well. Then when we were turned 18, he had to move SA! It's been 7 years, and we ended up breaking up! We've tried getting back several times but a...

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  17. 15. Happy Birthday To The Queen Of Our Hearts

    Poems are written every day for moms across the earth.
    Stories, songs, and ballads, all trying to tell her worth,

    How every day she battled, the odds against her stacked,

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  18. 16. Birthday Blessings, Son

    I'd like to thank the Lord above,
    for this little life He's given to me.
    Without His gift of love,
    your birth would never be.

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  19. 17. Love And Hugs

    A bunch of flowers,
    A homemade cake,
    That special gift,
    A birthday steak.

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  20. 18. Missed Birthday

    I'm so sorry I missed your birthday.
    A special day, I know it's true.
    But birthdays are only here one day,
    And I love you the whole year through.

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    Sister Beryl, I do believe words from your own heart mean so much more. They are priceless.

  21. 19. Happy Birthday, Super Star Sister

    From the day you were born I've watched you grow
    Into the nicest person one could know.
    Love changes everything, words oh so true.
    My world changed the moment I first held you.

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    Love your poem, Sister Beryl. You're a superstar.

  22. 20. Don't Forget

    • By Vicki Fearnley
    • Published: July 2016

    Your birthday is the day I remember
    all the wonderful things you do.
    Time will fly; each day goes by,
    and I've forgotten to say, "Thank you."

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