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  1. 21. My Mother

    • By Sinitta Washington
    • Published: July 2006

    I know of a woman whose strength is of a bear.
    And even when she's not that happy, she always takes time out to care.
    I know of a woman whose beauty is that of a queen.
    But she continues to teach us that beauty doesn't mean a thing.

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    As a child, I didn't grow up with the very mother that gave birth to me, but that doesn't deprive me from receiving the motherly care and love that I deserve because the couple that took me...

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  3. 22. I Love You, Mum

    • By Jessica Ashton
    • Published: May 2009

    The way I feel, I can't explain
    The gratitude inside
    For all the days and all the nights
    You spent right by my side.

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    Every day of my life, even when I have cried, you have always been standing there with your arms open wide. You say you are perfect to me no matter what they say, even though today's been bad...

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  5. 23. Always Watching

    • By Skye D. Barker
    • Published: July 2006

    I was watching you sleep the other day
    And prayed that it would last
    The peace that rested on your face
    I'd never seen in the past

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    Your words about mother brought tears to me. Three years ago, my mother passed away. She was 92+ at that time but very happy personality. Being the youngest child, I have seen her just...

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  6. 24. Working In Your Dungarees

    You always did the best you could
    To make your children grow up good.
    You always worked to make ends meet,
    To give your children food to eat.

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    Beautiful tribute to your mom! You were blessed with a strong mom who taught you values. Your words remind me of my mom. I miss her every day. It will be 1 year next month since she left us...

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  7. 25. My Mother

    • By Shameka Martin
    • Published: November 2006

    I love her so much, my mother.
    She's always in my heart.
    Even though we argue,
    we'll never be apart.

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    Mother - the loveliest word - gives bliss and peace not only to humans but also to wild life existing on this planet earth. This beautiful relationship starts even before the birth. The day...

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  8. 26. Mom

    • By Victoria A. Ledet
    • Published: February 2006

    Mom, you are the centerpiece of my life.
    The light in my sun.
    I can't thank you enough for all you have done.
    You make me smile when I am sad.

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    Mommy, I love you. You are the syrup to my waffles, the sunshine to the night. You are always by my side!

  9. 27. Happy Heavenly Mother's Day

    Every day must be a celebration in your
    Newfound heavenly home,
    But our Mother's Day is forever empty

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  10. 28. All You Are To Me

    • By Jessie Sanders
    • Published: May 2015

    Thank you, Mom...
    for the love, strength, and care,
    for in this world that is quite rare.
    For being my guardian and my guide

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    I agree with you wholeheartedly Nan. I have two beautiful daughters with totally different personalities. I had them early in life and people often mistake them for my sisters. We laugh and...

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  11. 29. Through Thick And Thin

    • By Holly M. Cunniffe
    • Published: May 9, 2023

    You stayed with me through thick and thin,
    even when I started to turn dark within.
    You always bring me back to reality,
    Saying the world doesn't revolve around flattery.

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  12. 30. For All Women In My Life

    • By Malcolm Yendaw
    • Published: December 2014

    How can I thank you for your support,
    For the guidance, prayers, and help of all sorts?

    So much you have done that I could never repay.

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  13. 31. Thank You Mom

    • By Kim Horner
    • Published: February 2008

    If I took a little minute to write a poem for you,
    It would turn into a lifetime for all the things you do....
    So I'll try and keep it simple.
    There's some things I wish to say,

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    Thanks for making this wonderful poem. It really touched me in many ways just thinking of the look on my moms face after hearing this. We never really had a relationship, but I think this...

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  14. 32. Happy Mother's Day, Grandma

    • By Jacquelyn L. Baca
    • Published: July 2006

    She picks me up from a fall.
    She yells at me when I color on the wall.
    She tells me about God and encourages me to pray.
    She holds me close and tells me everything's okay.

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  15. 33. Mom

    • By Jennifer R. Courcy
    • Published: July 2006

    The tears, the years, the hurt, the fears,
    The lies, the ties, the days, and goodbyes
    And then the light shines through,
    It's you.

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    When my grand daughter GRACE was born, the first thing I thought of was. "My Special Angel" It's been our song for 5 years. Now I find this poem. I will keep it and share with her when...

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  16. 34. Dear Mother

    • By Herman Vymislicky
    • Published: April 2009

    I'm writing you to tell you that I love you
    Something I hardly ever do.
    I never tell you enough how much I love you
    and it's something I must do.

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    This poem was the best ever. Describes my mom all the way.

  17. 35. A Mom Is Like A Present

    A mom is a person to stand right
    beside you until the very end.
    She'll always be there for you,
    no matter where or when.

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    It's a loving and inspiring poem. I loved it. The best poem I've ever read!

  18. 36. How Can I Say Thank You Enough?

    • By Verliza T. Gajeles
    • Published: May 2020

    These are the words I've constructed in my mind,
    to say thank you for all that you've done.
    But words are somehow hard to find.
    Before I could say it, they're long gone.

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  19. 37. My Mother, My Hero

    • By Ritwik Shandilya
    • Published: September 2016

    My mother,
    She wakes before me, sleeps after me.
    She gets me ready fast and steady.

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  20. 38. Mother's Day

    • By Kody Welch
    • Published: August 2011

    Mom, I know we've been through a lot,
    But to this day I have not forgot
    All the things you have done for me.
    Opening my eyes and letting me see

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  21. 39. Mother's Day

    • By Karen J. Woodward
    • Published: May 2017

    As Mother's Day approaches,
    it fills me with such dread.
    Whilst others have their mothers,
    mine's gone, not here; she's dead.

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    Your poem is great. I lost my mother too, too early. Since then I have fought various aspects of loneliness. I miss her. Occasions come and go, some which reminds me of her bewitching smile,...

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  22. 40. Mom

    • By Brandi L. Harris
    • Published: July 2006

    You have always been there for me,
    Teaching me about life's ways
    Around you
    There is never a dull day.

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    That poem reminded me of my mommy and I. My mommy was diagnosed with diabetes type one, and also M.S. and even though I know she tries her hardest and fails, I still love her, but sometimes I...

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