Mother Daughter Poem

A Long Lasting Mother-Daughter Relationship

My mother and I have been through so much together. We have been through crazy adventures, long plane rides, fighting, crying, laughing, and so much more. We have been there for each other for as long as I can imagine. In fact, I don't remember a time when my mom wasn't by my side to help me. She is my rock, my person, my guide, and my best friend. I wanted to write this poem about our relationship to show how grateful I am for her and how much I love her. I dedicate this poem to her.

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Dear Mom


Published by Family Friend Poems May 2019 with permission of the Author.

From the first shine of light
To the first breath of my life,
You have been there from day to night.
Dear Mom, you'll always be my partner in crime.

From my first smile
To my first step,
You have stayed by my side.
Dear Mom, thank you for being my guide.

From broken friendships
To late night laughs,
You have been through all my despairs.
Dear Mom, you've handled this job with class.

From all the good grades in school
To all the low scores at competitions,
You still showered me with comfort.
Dear Mom, thank you for being my savior.

From driving me to the hospital
To overcoming injuries,
You have cured my weaknesses.
Dear Mom, you give me strength.

From starting at the beginning all over again
To traveling around the country,
You always survive.
Dear Mom, thank you for your suggestions.

From tucking me in
To kissing my forehead goodnight,
You have been my heroine.
Dear Mom, you have provided me with pure light.

From giving each other the silent treatment
To talking and hugging it out,
You never fail to give the best advice.
Dear Mom, our relationship will never disrupt.

You are my person.
You are the greatest gift in my life.
Thank you for everything that you do.
Dear Mom, I love you always and forever.


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