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  1. 81. The Ride

    • By Sean Parekh
    •  Published by Family Friend Poems August 2012

    My poem is simply about life and how it is a journey for all of us. How we shouldn't worry about where we are going but just enjoy the ride. How we should go after what we believe in.

    Accepting Life As A Journey

    I don't know where this ride is taking me.
    I don't know when to let go.
    All I know is I'm in it for the journey
    To give me more and more.

    I chase dreams I don't yet know.
    I try to be something I don't even know.

    I look for things I cannot find.
    I believe more in my heart than my mind.

    I play for things that cannot be won,
    I learn to fly before I run.

    I make fire on what can't be burned.
    I teach things that cannot be learned.

    I don't know where this ride is taking me.
    I don't know when to let go.
    All I know is I'm in it for the journey
    To give me more and more.

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    Honestly, this poem was pretty amazing. I loved all you had to say, honestly. It was short and cut to the chase. Things you already know, but no one dares to say. "I believe in my heart more...

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  2. 82. If You Think

    • By Anisha Aich
    •  Published by Family Friend Poems April 2020

    This poem is based on individuals who are afraid of moving forward and achieving their dreams. Due to taunts, they build up inferiority complex in themselves. So, my opinion is to move on with a positive attitude and you will get whatever you'd like.

    Always Move Forward With A Positive Attitude

    If you think you can reach the sky,
    Why don't you flap your wings to fly?
    Always give strength to your mind and soul.
    One day you're gonna kick your goal.
    You know you can; don't focus on others taunts.
    The day will come for them to realize their faults.

    If you can win and keep rest beside,
    Don't let others for your future decide.
    Work hard, work smart, and take the lead.
    Leave the fellows behind and you'll succeed;
    Never spell, "I can't." Control your pain,
    The sun will rise and reward you with gain.

    Many more things are there to say.
    Always move forward; there is a way.
    Never lose hope; move on with a positive attitude.
    The day will come to fill you with lots of gratitude.
    If you think you can reach the sky,
    Why don't you flap your wings to fly?

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  3. 83. Strength Comes In So Many Forms

    Strength comes
    In so many forms.
    In giving people
    Second chances,
    In giving up
    Painful habits.
    In giving ourselves
    And others
    Life-changing love.
    In giving energy
    To fight for
    The things that matter.
    Strength comes
    in so many forms.

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  4. 84. Promises To Keep

    • By Hemant Bohra
    •  Published by Family Friend Poems December 31, 2021

    I am a storyteller, entrepreneur, and author. I am like that high ropewalker with only a pole in hand to balance. At one end of the pole is my heart that seeks inspiration and at the other end is my mind that needs motivation. But I am the one who must balance both while traversing through this world. There is no room for procrastination. I want to live every year in a moment and moments in every year.

    Motivation For A New Year

    We resolve to turn a new leaf in our lives
    Yet go back to whining old ways in no time

    Why do we break promises ever so often
    When we want a better future than our past or present?

    Why do we not care for ourselves
    Yet want a story that the world will tell?

    But if you want to change your story forever
    Inspiration and motivation will have to go together

    An inspired heart can move mountains and cut the seas
    Don't the stories of these people inspire thee?

    Then comes the role of a motivated mind
    If left idle it can behave weird many a times

    Convince the mind before getting down to work
    Else you will have to fight yourself first

    But the protagonist of your story has the biggest role to play
    If you don't care, then nobody will anyway

    So be the change, and script your story your way
    Start with fulfilling the promises you made

    It is said a journey of thousand miles begins with one step
    Likewise, success in future depends on the promises you kept

    We have a long way to go and many promises to keep
    So treasure every moment and every New Year equally

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  5. 85. Take A Bow

    Take a bow, lovely one.
    Because you’re tired
    And still you’re doing it.
    You’re feeling empty
    And still you’re giving it.
    You’re unsure of yourself
    And still you’re being it.
    You got hit hard
    And still you’re healing it.
    Funds are low
    And still you’re dreaming it.
    Life ain’t so easy right now
    And still you’re loving it.
    The winds are blowing hard
    And still you’re walking it.
    Yes, take a bow, lovely one.
    (You made it to Friday)

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    I'm convinced that those close to you are grateful to know you and to have you around. This is a very uplifting and motivating piece. I like it. Thanks again.

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  6. 86. You Already Were

    You were beautiful
    before they said, you are beautiful

    You were smart
    before they admired your smarts

    You were funny
    before they laughed at your jokes

    You were loved
    before they spoke those three words

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  7. 87. Like A Volcano

    I wrote this poem when I was struggling hard in life. I was broken and shattered as I faced many job rejections and got unexpected wounds from people whom I trusted the most. And that is when my family supported me and encouraged me to stay strong. I hope that this poem brings courage, hope, and strength to those who are at the verge of giving up. Remember you are like a volcano. You have that fire deep inside.

    Never Give Up In Life

    Are you losing faith?
    Are you feeling low?
    Are you crying out loud,
    Craving to be loved?

    You are stronger than you know.
    Like a volcano,
    deep inside you is a fire.
    You'll reach where you desire.

    Remember you are precious.
    You ought to shine like a gem.
    Give off light,
    intense and bright.

    I know you're waiting for a chance
    and you have been struggling hard.
    Don't give up,
    just go on.

    Yes, like a volcano,
    make an explosion.
    Break the barrier.
    Remember you are a warrior.

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  8. 88. Solstice

    Perhaps it is true that the smallest light is brightest when the night seems darkest.

    Let Your Light Shine

    We are only falling stars,
    Fleeting sparks that arc
    Across the vast forever of time
    Through others' nights,
    Only to return as dust to our maker.

    And the most we can hope,
    In our one brief moment,
    Is to brighten their night,
    Lead them on their way,
    Or just perhaps to grant their wish.

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  9. 89. Appreciating Life

    Sometimes, the trials and tribulations in life can get in the way of living your life in a positive way, and you sometimes feel it would be easier to give up than to go on. This poem is meant to help you appreciate the life you've been given and to not give away something you would be unable to get back.

    Treat Your Life With Care

    Your life is a gift more precious than gold
    From the day of your birth, your life starts to unfold
    Treat it with kindness and treat it with care
    And the strength in your body will always be there
    If you abuse it as some often do
    An attack without pity is what it will do
    You have many adventures still ahead on life's ride
    And sadly, some sorrows you'll have to abide
    You'll have to accept the bad with the good
    But don't throw in the towel though we know that you could
    You must go on, you must persevere
    Hold on to your life, hold it very dear
    Though sometimes your life may seem to be tough
    The worst that could happen would be to not live long enough
    So treat it with kindness and treat it with care
    And pray for God's love to always be there

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  10. 90. Inspiration

    I got my poem "Song For The World" published on your site. "Inspiration" is actually a poem I wrote prior to writing this poem. It was written in my journal during a difficult time in my life. I hope it inspires you to find the song in your heart and persevere and stay strong during hard times.

    You Have A Song In Your Heart

    I lie awake at night
    Hoping that someone can hear my plea

    That someone above can show me
    Something that I can see

    Walking down the beaten path I ask myself
    It doesn't make any sense

    But I hear a small voice inside
    That you can start again

    You have a song in your heart
    Something to be shared

    A dream that's alive
    Just try and you'll get there

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  11. 91. Think Pink!

    • By Ember Griswold
    •  Published by Family Friend Poems October 2015

    I have a friend whose daughter has to recite a poem, and they wanted it to be on breast cancer awareness. I also have a friend who has fought the battle with breast cancer and has won, with the exception of losing both of her breasts in the process. It is a daily fight that she faces with the hope, love and encouragement of those around her. She is my inspiration for this poem.

    Motivating Poem About Breast Cancer Awareness

    Each month be sure to check your breasts
    To ensure there aren't any unwanted guests.

    Cancer's next victim I will not be.
    Checking yourself is the key.

    Lumps and bumps I hope not to find.
    Terrible tricks cancer plays on the mind.

    A doctor's visit once a year.
    Will help to be sure you're in the clear.

    The battle with cancer many have lost.
    Not checking monthly isn't worth the cost.

    October we celebrate those who fought and won,
    And searching for a cure is never done.

    You could be next if you don't stop and think.
    October...breast cancer awareness...yes...I will think pink!

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  12. 92. Searching For Home

    • By Brittney Hemmands
    •  Published by Family Friend Poems June 2016

    I'm a college student who is working on her English degree but has had a hard time this past year with staying focused in school. I have always craved traveling and searching for something more out in the world. I wrote this poem for those who feel like me and don't believe they belong in one place, but rather in all the places in the world. I wrote this for people who want to touch the lives of others without forgetting about their own life.

    Poem About Searching For Yourself

    Her eyes glowed with such ambition,
    And her mouth spoke words of love and kindness.
    She took pride in wandering;
    She walked to find the places her heart longed for.
    Oh, the places she searched to find her home.

    She made her way through crowded paths
    And swam through salted waters.
    She danced in gardens
    And sweetly kissed strangers.
    She ran, she searched, but still couldn't seem to find.

    She failed to realize the lives she touched,
    And the hearts she changed.
    She failed to realize the home her heart longed for
    Would never be found.
    That the light she was chasing was not the world's.

    That light, her home,
    Had been following her footprints.
    She had not realized
    She had held it all along.

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  13. 93. Just Want A Happy Life

    • By Sadwick
    •  Published by Family Friend Poems May 2016

    Sometimes I feel like life has so many things against us. Poverty. Personal issues. With these weights on our shoulders, we don't feel happy or we try to find it but can't. You can find it. You just have to preserve through it.

    Conquering Negativity In Life

    I live with depravity,
    Pressure like gravity.
    Why can't they just see
    I want to live happily?

    Surrounded by poverty,
    The cravings of obesity,
    Those dreams of reality.
    Why can't they just see
    I want to be all I can be?

    I try to live with simplicity,
    But I get hit with hostility.
    People keep telling me
    You won't live happily.

    Forget all this negativity.
    I'm going against normality,
    Living a life of morality
    In a world full of brutality.

    Spitting out blasphemy,
    Using profanity.
    Why not be in harmony?
    Treat strangers like family.

    Going to love unconditionally,
    I know my personality.
    Don't need this scrutiny.
    I know who I will be,
    Just watch and see.

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  14. 94. Trials

    • By Alexis M. Vogler
    •  Published by Family Friend Poems July 2016

    I chose to write this because I am going through a hard time. Maybe it will help someone else.

    Strength Through The Hard Times Of Life

    Sometimes you may think you're alone,
    And your feelings make you seem like a clone.
    Deep down you are whole,
    Not an empty bowl.
    Someone loves you,
    And all the words they say are true.
    Trust in yourself
    To be strong
    And true and whole and mighty.
    This time will pass;
    It's just a trial.
    Just walk down this aisle,
    Head held high;
    You're strong.

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    Latest Shared Story

    Life has never been easy for me. I was born into a broken home, and I suffered a lot of things.

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  15. 95. Black Is Beautiful

    • By Sharon D. Brown-Rogers
    •  Published by Family Friend Poems February 2006

    A woman expresses her love for the color of her skin.

    Poem About Self-Worth

    Black is
    Black is as beautiful as a bed of milky white clouds.
    Black is as beautiful as soft as a newborn baby hair.
    Black is as beautiful as standing up for what is right.
    Black is as beautiful as trying on grandmother's classy hats.
    Black is as beautiful as you and I saying Hi!
    Black is as beautiful as two sisters walking hand in hand.
    Black is as beautiful as wading in a pond on a hot summer day.
    Black is as beautiful as you holding your baby for the very first time.
    Black is as beautiful as saying I miss you.
    Black is as beautiful as going fishing with your dad.
    Black is as beautiful as calling your mother on her birthday.
    Black is as beautiful as two brothers playing basketball.
    Black is as beautiful braiding your sister's hair.
    Black is as beautiful as grandpa taking you to the park.
    Black is as beautiful as the sweet sound of a saxophone playing.
    Black is as beautiful as eating mom's never fail caramel cake.
    Black is as beautiful as the bright rising sun.
    Black is as beautiful as a simple kiss placed on the forehead.
    Black is as beautiful as lilies on Easter morning.
    Black is as beautiful as saying I love you.
    Black is me and I AM BEAUTIFUL.

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    Latest Shared Story

    It really touched me and I am going to use it to motivate and encourage others. Some of our black brothers and sisters hate themselves because they are black.

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  16. 96. Stalwart

    We all have our share of struggles in life. I have mine and penned this, thinking over them.

    A Note To Life's Struggles

    Vagaries of this life can be
    Tough and hard to fathom,
    And yet have they conquered me?
    Look how far I've come.

    As I climb up its hill,
    Slopes and jagged edges and all,
    There are times I slip but still
    At no time did I fall.

    As I tread along its way
    Sometimes I run into bends,
    Stumbling blocks on some days
    But never into dead ends.

    As I sprint down its lane,
    Hurdles seem to abound,
    Yet the tripping now and again
    Still can't bring me down.

    Whims of life that lie in wait
    Though I may not have a clue,
    Firm is my will, strong is my faith.
    My God will see me through.

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    Latest Shared Story

    This is definitely an inspirational poem. Everyone has challenges in life, but how we deal with them is crucial to our own well-being. My favorite stanza was the second!

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  17. 97. Keep Your Head Up

    • By Matt McFarland
    •  Published by Family Friend Poems March 2008

    Trying not to get lost in life.

    Encouraging Others To Reflect On Lessons Learned

    Every time I try and sit and try and make a change,
    I always try and think of things that I could rearrange.

    And when I find the meaning of life and lessons that are taught,
    I'll take a look back and realize and tell you exactly what I thought.

    Life was never meant to be easy, and everyone has their days,
    But if you keep your head to the sky, you will find your way.

    I've been through hell and nearly back, and I still have some growing up to do,
    But I need to do this for myself and do what I have to do.

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    I connect with you totally. I think of this and that, try to do and live differently, yet I remain in the circle of life's hostility.

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  18. 98. Find You

    • By Abhishiktha R. Reddy
    •  Published by Family Friend Poems May 2020

    I am Abhishiktha, a 14-year-old girl with a happy life.

    Find your soul
    In your thoughts.
    Find your character
    In your speech.
    Find your love
    Through your actions.
    Find your mistakes
    In your failures.
    Find your success
    Through your hard work.

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  19. 99. Jump 1.0

    • By Jahleel A. Lowe
    •  Published by Family Friend Poems July 2016

    When you're in a crossroad in life and things feel frightening, I hope this can help.

    Poem About Taking A Chance

    Do you think you stand a chance
    Diving off into the abyss?
    Do you think that you'll advance
    Even without an assist?
    Will you learn to find you wings
    And travel to the paradise that life brings?
    Triumphant in your success,
    You can finally rest,
    Assured that your future is bright
    And you did your best
    To see that your seeds take flight.
    So why be in fright?
    You're already in a slump.
    Why don't you take a chance
    ...and just jump?

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  20. 100. My Morals Define Me

    I am unique and one of a kind. I am who I am and will never change for anyone. I will always be me, now and forever.

    Empowering Poem About Self-Acceptance

    I have never done drugs and never will.
    I don't give into peer pressure.
    I believe that drugs are lame.
    Drugs cause you to make irresponsible decisions.
    I'd rather be high on life than high on drugs.
    I choose not to harm my body with illegal substances.
    I do what I want and if this makes me a loser, then so be it.

    I am proud to be a virgin.
    I'm not ditzy or dumb.
    I don't believe everything I am told.
    Abstinence is the key, so I believe.
    I am not ready for a child nor disgusting diseases.
    My virginity is my sanctuary.
    If this makes me a loser, then so be it.

    Violence is never the answer.
    Physical disputes are pointless and solve nothing.
    It is unnecessary and a waste of time.
    I shall never stoop down to that level of immaturity.
    I'd rather walk away and be the bigger person.
    If this makes me a loser, then so be it.

    Being a party girl is not who I am.
    Partying is not what life is all about.
    Life does not revolve around alcohol, drugs, and music.
    There are more important things in life than parties.
    I have the rest of my life to party;
    For now I choose to focus on my future and career.
    If this makes me a loser, then so be it.

    I don't need to dress like a hoochie to get attention.
    I am classy not trashy.
    I'd rather be noticed for my intelligence than my looks.
    I choose to have dignity and respect for my body.
    I'd rather be liked for who I am than for what I look like.
    If this makes me a loser, then so be it.

    I am not a follower.
    I control my own mind and make my own decisions.
    I stand up for what I believe in and defend my opinions.
    I'd rather be hated for being myself than liked for someone I am not.
    If this makes me a loser, then so be it.

    I am unique and one of a kind.
    I am who I am
    And will never change for anyone.
    I will always be me, now and forever.
    If this makes me a loser, then maybe I am.

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