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Sports are complex in that they are a way to escape our lives as well as a way to look at our lives in a clearer way. In the world of sports the line of victory and defeat is quite clear. There is no question of what team you are on or what position you play within the team. These things are not always clear in real life. Escaping to the world of sports is an opportunity to think about these questions in our own lives.

Poems on Athletics and Sporting Events


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  1. Alive

    • By Innarenko
    • Published: July 27, 2018
    Poem About Running

    When my thoughts are too heavy,
    My feelings too numb,
    When my heart is unsteady,
    And the tears start to come,

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    As an athlete, I like running, so I love the 2nd stanza.

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  3. My Court

    • By McKay K. Echols
    • Published: August 2016
    Basketball Poem

    The dribble of the basketball,
    The swish of the net,
    The squeaking of my shoes against
    The wood floor,

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  4. The Biker's Road

    • By Daren L. Gardner
    • Published: May 2013

    Raise the door or just take off the cover,
    there she sits just waiting for us to hover.

    Our first glance we know she waits,...

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    As a bike rider I can relate to this, when you're out there with your mates it's hard to explain, the freedom you feel, and at peace with your mind.

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  6. Casey At The Bat

    The outlook wasn't brilliant for the Mudville nine that day;
    The score stood four to two, with but one inning more to play,
    And then when Cooney died at first, and Barrows did the same,
    A pall-like silence fell upon the patrons of the game.

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  7. The Road To Victory

    • By Ipshita Chakraborty
    • Published: August 2011

    In a land of dreams
    A little boy
    With a stick of wood
    His scrawny arms...

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  8. The Love Of The Game

    It's Friday night,
    I've got a game.
    We play the Indians,
    My best friend's team.

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  10. Tribute To Dale Earnhardt Sr.

    I have built this machine with bleeding hands.
    I have shaped it to slice the wind.
    I have shined it with polish and sweat.
    I have balanced it with feel

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  11. Thoughts Of A Jumping Mental Idiot

    • By Skyler L.
    • Published: August 2011
    Pole Vaulting

    Thousand of thoughts, standing there finding a grip
    Don't slow down, Plant high, Touch your feet to the sky!
    Everything that was said over and over and over again
    Do everything right, nothing wrong...

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  12. Legendary Bull Rider

    • By Erika
    • Published: August 2011
    Poem About A Rodeo

    As he walks you can hear the spurs on his boots
    He walks on over and hops in the chute
    then waits alone with the bull
    until the moment when the date is pulled...

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    My good friend Tucker was killed in a car accident 4 days before we were supposed to start our junior year of highschool. He was a bull rider and this means alot to me.

  13. My Rescue

    • By Erin
    • Published: April 2009
    My Love For Running

    My feet stick the black rubber
    Its like some kind of magnetic tape
    Day after day, it pulls me back
    For not only does my body demand it,...

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