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Hate is a deep feeling. It can spring up in a person if they are neglected, mistreated, or abused for long periods of time. Hate can turn us against someone. It can cause us to deny them forgiveness. It shouldn't be allowed to well up in a heart without good reason, because it is almost impossible to erase. If you hate someone, or you simply hate their actions, remember that hatred doesn't heal hatred. Only love can do that. We can become better people by refusing to become the things we hate.

Poems about Hating Someone You Love

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  1. Rage

    • By Nyomie Lynn
    • Published: April 2009
    Poem About Rage After Rape

    I lay here tonight in a dark, silent room,
    Feeling only pain and uncontrollable gloom.
    Pictures of the blood flash in my head,
    Pictures of you laying on the floor dead.

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    Krista, I think this fear you have will take you nowhere. Rape is a crime, and the criminal needs to be punished. I am nobody to give you advice, but I just want you to think about it. If he...

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  3. My Father Is My Enemy

    If this is who you really are, then I want you far...
    If this is what a father is, then I never want one...
    You abandon me in my time of need,
    Left me with nothing to eat...

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    I too hate my dad. My dad abandoned my family many years ago. I don't want his love. He came back home a year ago promising us a good life, but he lied. He often beats my mum, which I can't...

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  4. Without You

    • By Cameron Lund
    • Published: October 2009

    I HATE being patient, but I've got more of it than anyone else I know
    I HATE having to put my self aside for something else,
    but I care enough to do it
    I find myself filled with a lot of that lately... this... Hate... ...

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    When I was little my parents got divorced. Then from there my brother and sister began to fight with each other. Then with my dad, too. I hated it. What they did. Then my brother died. He was...

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  6. My Rage

    • By Lorilei Brown
    • Published: September 2013
    Poem About The Abused Becoming An Abuser

    During my childhood I was badly abused
    and as I grew older, I became the accused.

    The beating I took came straight from dad,

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    Hi, my name is Lisa. This poem really touched my heart in more ways than I'm even able to say. It brought back so many bad memories that I have tucked away for a long time. Sometimes I wonder...

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  7. I Hate You

    • By Rebecca Armitage-Smith
    • Published: August 2009
    To Child Molesters And Abusers

    I longed for the nightmare to end,
    I hurt for the long years passed,
    I feel for the ones like me, but
    I hate all the ones like YOU!!!

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    I relate to this poem because I just recently got out of a situation with my father. I have been physically and mentally abused for 16 years. if you have or are ever in a situation like this...

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  8. Prisioner Of Life

    Sitting alone in the dark corner.
    Knees against my chest, head in my hands.
    Watching the tears run from eye to floor.
    Happiness left my soul, now so dark and cold....

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    This was... very psychotic. But I felt the same way once. However, the rage I felt was not because of abuse, but because I was a puppet in some woman's life. That woman was my mother. She...

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  10. You're Not My Father

    • By Kristin K. Hudson
    • Published: February 2006
    Poem About Hatred Toward Father

    To have your last name
    makes me ill.
    You make me so angry
    I want to kill!

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    I'm so glad I was able to find my poem again after so long. Thank you for everyone's kind words. In 2012, my maternal older brother paid for my father’s bus ticket to spend a week where I...

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  11. Hands

    • By Erick Humphrey
    • Published: May 2008
    We Can Change

    In desperation I search, trying to find myself I look.
    I search and search, for my heart is lost I search.
    Too scared to run too scared to move.
    Paralyzed by pain and fear I search....

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    Dedicated to every child out there that has been left out by their father. No matter what your dad may do no matter how bad it hurts, remember that there is such thing as karma, and karma...

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  12. My Hate For You Will Never Fade

    Hatred Towards Molester

    The things you did to me
    Took away what made me free.
    I was a prisoner to you, locked in a chain.
    You played me, like a puzzle piece in a game.

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  13. You Better Be Ready For Me

    Hey you! Yeah, I'm talking to you, "Dad"!
    Where were you when I needed you the most in my life?
    You were never at my side,
    You just wanted a carefree life....

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    I can relate to this, not because of my dad but my mom. My mom left me 3 months after I was born for some European guy, and I have never seen her since. My mother has had (so far) 4 boys and...

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