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  1. Mistaken

    God Sees Us All The Same

    There's a girl crying alone in her room,
    Wishing she could disappear from this cursed earth.
    Dragging a razor blade across her scarred wrist,
    She fails to see how much she is worth.

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    I am a 11-year-old girl on my grandma's computer. I was touched by this poem because it is at my school we have a few of problems that my principal refuses to solve such as teasing, bullying,...

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  3. Just Like A Child

    Lessons Learned From Little Children

    How I wish to trust
    In life, no questions asked,
    Hanging on God's words,
    Confident and relaxed,

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    If we all followed the beautiful simple sentiment of the poem we wouldn't have half the troubles we have.

  4. Rest, My Soul

    Finding Contentment In God

    Rest, my soul, in God's love
    as you live every day.
    Relax in His faithfulness
    as you go along your way.

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    Beautiful. If we would only do this, problems solved. Reading this will set one at peace.

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  6. Send Me An Angel

    • By Jes
    • Published: February 2015
    Uplifting Poem About Someone Watching Out For Us

    Send me an angel when I have a bad day,
    Send me an angel at night while I lay.
    Send me an angel when troubles take over,
    Send me an angel to find me a lover.

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  7. In Jesus I Abide

    Trusting In Jesus

    No matter what happens in my life,
    Sorrow or joy, rain or shine,
    Whatever befalls me, it's all right
    Because in Jesus I abide.

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  8. Tell Me

    Questions Regarding Life

    I wonder,
    Is there anything out there?
    Something we don't know?
    Our earth is just a grain of dust

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    Let me tell you, there is a God above. He did not abandon man. On the contrary, He so loved man that He came and died for us to save us. Your human life is not in vain but for a purpose. Gen...

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  10. The Box

    • By Peter Tamburrino
    • Published: April 2009
    Forgive Yourself Poem

    He ascended those stairs that day, why he did, he could not say.
    But reached for that old dusty knob of his attic door insight.
    A turn to the knob so gently,
    Cautiously he made his entry, entry into the attic that night.

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  11. In The Eyes Of Christ

    Looking in the Eyes of Christ, see His love for us inside.
    See the beauty of our lives, in the Eyes of Christ.

    In times of doubts and fears, when the world brings us to tears,

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  12. The Chrysalis

    Learning To Forgive

    We are never finished products,
    No matter how long we live.
    There's always something we can add,
    Like learning to forgive.

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  13. Always Have Faith

    Abandon your fears.
    Let go of old worries.
    When things don't seem to be going your way,
    And bad turns to worse,

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