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Poems about Overcoming Fear

Fear creates limitations. When we fear, we become incapable of taking risks, of living our lives to the fullest. Whatever fear you are facing, whether it is a fear of love, of rejection, of heartbreak, of growing up, of being forgotten, or even of the dark, remember that your fear limits you. It prevents you from growing into a stronger, better person. Try to understand your fears, for when you understand them, they no longer have a power over you. Let go of fear, express it to someone and just release it.

Poems about Facing Fears


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  1. Stay Strong

    • By Samantha
    • Published: August 2008
    Staying Strong With Illness NF1 and Brain Surgery Poem

    I have this illness
    that I've suffered from for so long
    and I don't know how,
    but I've got to find a way to stay strong, ...

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    Stay strong you'll make it through it's so hard I know it's true, but think of what it will be at the end, a story to tell. You've been through thick and thin and you ask yourself will it...

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  3. Reality

    • By C Dominguez
    • Published: April 2013
    Mask Of Lies

    She's beautiful, she's pretty
    She's really such a sight
    Nobody can see by her appearance
    She's really not alright...

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    Yea this reminds me of all the times I have tried to take my life.
    Suckish and stupid people think...
    But ya have never been in my shoes to judge me.
    I have been and am going through a...

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  4. Lord Help Me

    Poem About The Troubles Of This World

    13 years old and I'm living in fear
    Father, I know you're ashamed of what's going on down here
    Lord, I'm afraid of going astray
    That's why I pray to you father every day...

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    Love this peom. Beautiful poem. So true what you say in this poem. Just love it.

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  6. Escape

    Escape May Be Deadly

    Trees, trees, trees
    Branches, sticks, leaves
    Whipping, gashing, slashing at my arms
    I can't get away no matter how fast I run...

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    What a beautiful poem, one that so many of us can relate to, especially when "relating to" anyone or anything seems like an impossibility. Fabulous ending. Well done!

  7. Running From Me

    • By Rodshanik L. Brown
    • Published: February 2014

    Painfully aware, of all my peers
    The pain, the pressure, creates real fears

    Trying to escape so many eyes and ears...

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    This poem literally describes me at home and school. Very, very nice that someone else was able to describe these feelings, as I could hardly get out a couple words! Bravo.

  8. False Identity

    • By Erin
    • Published: February 2016
    Poem About Creating A False Identity To Cover Up Hurt

    I wish that you could see
    This scared girl inside of me.
    I'm not really as I seem.

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    When I first came into public school, I realized how cruel the world could be. This mask I've created is suffocating me! I can't breathe and the false life that I've created is holding me...

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  10. It

    Facing My Fears Poem

    I'm running out of breath.
    I can't believe it's so hard to breathe.
    My heart's pounding in my chest
    As I wonder if IT found me.

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    This is so special because I was scared to death of coming out to my family as gay for years. Then one day, I looked myself in the eyes and saw the fear leave my body. It was indeed a very...

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  11. My Birthday

    Poem About Fear Of Getting Older

    Soon will be my birthday.
    It's just around the corner.
    Soon I will be fourteen,
    A little girl no longer.

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    Quite a surprise. We have to grow up one day and responsibilities are always there every step of our lives. The thing is sometimes responsibilities are good since your parents give you a...

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  12. I'm Sorry For Me

    • By Nicole Vana
    • Published: April 2010
    Poem About An Ending Friendship

    We have been friends for about a year,
    And this is honestly my worst fear.

    I'm scared of our friendship ending,...

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    I can't tell you how true this is. I'm feeling the exact same way about one of my friends.. It really is heartbreaking, but sometimes I guess it just can't be helped.

  13. The Dark Man At The Door

    • By Kayla M. Callahan
    • Published: March 2017
    Verbal And Emotional Abuse From Dad

    The man at the door,
    I fear his every word,
    For they pierce my heart
    Like he stabbed it with a sword.

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