Baby Poem

Advice For Life Poem To A New Baby

This poem is filled with sound advice on life. However, the prevailing theme is that you can always come home and you find the support that you need.

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Little One


Published by Family Friend Poems July 2006 with permission of the Author.

This is a letter to you to prepare you for life.
You have a beautiful mommy and a hard working daddy.
A few aunts ready to spoil you rotten and a grandma and grandpa that are ready for their first grandchild
But you have a long road ahead of you.
Many triumphs and a few set backs to be expected.
But whatever may come your way,
Your family will be there.
This world is a crazy place,
Has many unexpected events.
In your lifetime you will see and experience many surprising things.
There are times when you will be overwhelmed by expectations,
Take it one day at a time.
There will be several firsts, from your first smile to your first crush.
There will be good times and hard times but the people, who love you and care about you the most will be there from the first smile to hardest times,
Will always be your family.
Whether you're mommy's angel or Daddy's little one-
Your parents will always be around.
There will be times that you think Mom and Dad have no idea what you are going through; we have all been there.
There will be times that you feel everyone is against you-we just want to keep you from making our mistakes.
At some point you'll look back at everything and realize that mom and dad were right
It's a scary feeling,
I know first hand.
In everything you do-
I wish you luck.
Follow your dreams,
Reach for the stars.
But never forget where you came from.
Also take it from me-
They say that you cannot come back home,
Obviously they don't know our family
In this family, the road always leads back home.
So little one-
Welcome home,
We have waited awhile for this day.
Are you ready for this crazy thing we all call life?


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