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This is about my Yiayia.

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An Angel Whispered


Published by Family Friend Poems January 2011

An Angel Whispered, "Take My Hand, I'll Show You The World."

I keep having this dream;
your standing in the kitchen like you always did,
nothing but the best,
nothing but a smile and a heart of gold.
Now you're gone,
among the clouds,
and the stars,
up above everything,
the city sleeps in your name.

You're an angel,
with feathery white wings,
and a voice so sweet,
but your heaven is different than,
what we'd expect.

Your heaven,
is Red Bank,
your little white house with purple shutters.
Everyone's there,
you're with Papou,
just how it used to be,
he's dancing with you,
& your arthritis is gone.
You don't feel any pain,
just your heartbeats and
the tingling of happiness,
without words.

Your heaven
consists of cookies and cakes,
and baklava.
It consists of all your friends,
all your family.
I'll take your hand,
and we'll walk next door and feed the fish.
I'll take your hand,
and we'll bake and make a mess.

We'll do all your favorite things,
and take lots of pictures,
just like we used to do.
We'll all gather 'round
and smile one last time.

You left this world,
and now you're flying,
with your white wings,
among a golden sky,
you're happy and free
from a world of hate.

You're beautiful,
and happy,
just how you were before you left.

We all will miss you,
we all will remember you,
I guess it was just your time to go,
Even though, we didn't have a proper goodbye.

Now we all gather,
and say our goodbyes,
our farewells,
and our see you soon's.

Soon, my dearest,
we will be reunited once more,
and we can have a gathering,
and our emotions will run free.
Soon, we will be together,
once more.

I love you;
Rest In Peace.


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