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A Grandma Always Cares

This is a poem I wrote for my grandma's funeral. My sister had to read it for me so I wouldn't cry and mess it up, but she did worse than I would've.

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My Grandmother has been one of the most important people in my life and such a great influence to me always, and she passed away about a month ago. I still can't stop mourning the loss. But...

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My Grandmother's Poem


Published by Family Friend Poems April 2009 with permission of the Author.

If Grandma had a meaning
I'll tell you what it'd be
if you were close to yours
like mine was close to me

Grandmas are always there
to lend a shoulder and dry your tears
to comfort you in everything
and help conquer all your fears

Despite all the wrong you've done
and all the wrong you'll do
a grandma will always be there
and will unconditionally love you

A grandma will inspire you
to follow your every dream
She tells you, "You won't be alone,"
because you're going to be a team

Grandmas are always busy
although their hearts are tame
They tell everyone about you
so everyone knows your name

Grandmas will keep everything
from when you're young till now
and when you dance on Broadway
for her you'll take a bow

Without grandmas we'd be lost
and our tears would not be dry
and we would not be encouraged
to spread our wings and fly

To my grandma I say, "Thank you!"
My heart will always be
with you every day, and I know
you're here with me!


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  • Tyler Cobb by Tyler Cobb
  • 6 years ago

My Grandmother has been one of the most important people in my life and such a great influence to me always, and she passed away about a month ago. I still can't stop mourning the loss. But this poem really spoke to me as though the writer knew my grandmother themselves! Not a day goes by that I don't sit in tears after losing such a wonderful person!

  • Aries by Aries
  • 7 years ago

My mom's parents died before I was born, and I saw my dad's mom when I was born, yet I can't remember that. So honestly I never really knew my grandparents, but I would have loved to have a connection with them. My only relative who is like a grandma to me is my aunt. I miss my grandparents.

  • Jocelyne St Amour by Jocelyne St Amour, Ontario Canada
  • 9 years ago

My Memere, passed away 3 days after my granddaughter was born. She wanted to wait so bad, until little Renee was born and she made it. My daughter, has a beautiful picture of my grandmother, with her hand on my daughter's stomach. That was so beautiful. We made the 5 years Generation, but, never had our picture done with our Memere Ethier. My granddaughter just turned 12 years old on November 20th. Memere passed away on November 23rd, 2006. Yes, it's already been 12 years, but it seems just like yesterday that she passed away. She has many grandchildren, great-grandchildren, and also many great-great-grandchildren. The one thing that will always stay in my mind, was when our parents (Memere Ethier's daughters and sons) all ask us to bring her one rose each. I do have pictures of that night, and it was so beautiful, seeing hundred of nice red rose on her bed. Each one of us, got a beautiful hug and a kiss as we were giving her her red rose. My Grandmother was so strong before she got cancer, she was still doing wood and splitting it. She would collect her laundry water from the rain outside that would go in the barrel outside. Then in one minute, that all stopped when she got colon cancer. My sister and I would stay with her overnight and pray. We just didn't want her to stay alone. So as you can see our Grandmother was a truly amazing GRANDMOTHER AND WE SURE MISS HER SO MUCH.

  • Anria Lombaard by Anria Lombaard
  • 9 years ago

My grandmother died in 2010 on mother's day. I shared my birthday with her (13 September) after she had passed my grandpa completely forgot about me. He thought I was one of my sisters friends. So my grandpa had lived without my grandma for 4 years. Until August 19 2014. He passed away it was a Tuesday. The last time we saw him was in May. At his funeral I had to say a speech so I went to say my speech I was crying so much that I couldn't stand and I fell to my knees and asked why did he have to forget me? Why did I not tell him that I was his granddaughter? So today I sat in my room and celebrated me and my grandmas birthday and played a slow song on my radio so that my grandpa and grandma can have a slow dance.
I miss both of you so much.
Love your granddaughter,
Anria Lombaard

  • Chris Spencer by Chris Spencer, Ohio
  • 9 years ago

Hi my name is Chris my grandma just passed away on August first of 2014. She had dementia really bad I was stunned and terrified as I watched my grandmother get worse and worse over the series of months, then months went two weeks and weeks went to days and then days went to hours. I watched my grandma's slip into a deep sleep and then passed away in the heavens above still to this day. I love my grandma with everything I have and I'm content with what I have because I know that she's above watching over me every moment of the day. My heart is still broken because she's not here. I hope one day that I'll slip away in a deep sleep along with her and see her again someday in the heavens above.

  • Sheerness by Sheerness
  • 10 years ago

I am 10 years old and my Nan has passed because of cancer, when I heard this poem it was heartbreaking and true I loved it xxx I miss her so much xx

  • Elizabeth by Elizabeth
  • 11 years ago

My Nan died a couple of weeks ago from cancer, but this is the sad story. She was a lovely lady, made anyone happy
and made the best tasting cakes. She helped at a old peoples home. She was older than most in there, that's just how healthy she was & she liked to show it off. That's was Nan for you. With a heart of gold & a gentle touch too, you would miss her hugs, I sure do. She was fine fit & healthy, but then granddad died and she started breaking down trapped anyone out. Then she found out she had cancer and got very skinny & hurt very easily, but she survived that round. She got back to the way she was, started talking to people again it was nice to have her back I missed her so much. A few weeks past and something bad happened. She went in to hospital the doctors didn't understand why until they found out she had a huge cancer ball in her lung. It was too late for her to be healed but when I went to see her I walked straight back out the medical room I'm only 16 and I couldn't even tell her I love you.

  • Katlego by Katlego
  • 11 years ago

This poem really great grandma passed on last Friday 31 May 2013 and I feel that this poem defined the relationship I had with her.

  • Jasmine by Jasmine
  • 11 years ago

This poem really touches my heart. My grandmother just died last year. It just makes me feel like I want to cry when I think about her.

  • Dionne by Dionne
  • 11 years ago

I used this poem and got my uncle to read it out at my grandma's funeral in September. She passed away on 21/09/12 with the family at her bedside. Miss her lots:(

  • Tina by Tina, Nevada
  • 11 years ago

My grandma and I were very close and she died Feb 20 201. This is so very true about grandmas they love you no matter what. She was my second mom in so many ways. I felt I could tell her anything and she'd never be disappointed in me. I want to be just as good of a grandma as she was to me.

  • Lamarque TX by Lamarque TX
  • 12 years ago

My grandma Mary Jane passed away on my dads birthday 4/14/11. That was the most tragic thing that ever happened to me! She was my best friend she helped me with things nobody else could, she was like my second mom. She helped me pick out my prom dress and she was there when I was giving birth to my son who is now 3 months old! He looks so much like his nana! I wish everything would of went different! This was a sweet poem I love it! I printed it out and framed it and took it to her grave :'(

  • Jamaica by Jamaica
  • 12 years ago

My grandmother died this morning in her sleep and I came on here to look for a poem to read at her funeral. From the moment I saw this poem it touched my heart thumbs up to the writer who wrote this you've done a good job

  • Emily by Emily, United States
  • 13 years ago

my grandmother died on Thursday February 3, today is Saturday February 5. I love her so much. this poems is exactly what I felt about her and what she felt about me. I really hope I can read this poem at her funeral. I'm not gonna say though, I will start crying if I do. I truly love this poem. good job

  • Taylor by Taylor, United States
  • 13 years ago

I'm looking for something to say at my Grams funeral, and I think I'm going to read this. It says everything and more I'd thought of. It's beautiful. She passed away 3 days ago and it's been confusing. Thanks.

  • Jessica by Jessica, United States
  • 13 years ago

This poem hits home for me. My grandma died March 19th 2007 which was also my 14th birthday I'm almost 18 and I still can't get over it. I still go visit her grave every year on the day she died and I'm going on my 18th birthday to get a tattoo In memory of her. I miss her so much and love her so dearly. Great poem. Thank you.

  • Stephanie by Stephanie
  • 13 years ago

I really identified with this particular poem, I read quite a few others and some were really, really good but I just wasn't feeling a connection with any of them. I'm here 'cause my grandmother's anniversary is coming up and my whole family does a private service at her grave site for every occasion that comes up and I am not a poet for sure, and I do not have a way with words, but I'd like to send a special message even if they aren't my words, they could still be exactly what I've wanted to say. But anyway I thought it was interesting that when I got to the end, I saw that my grandmother's anniversary was the same as the author's grandmother 10-28-08.

  • Melanie Cooper by Melanie Cooper
  • 13 years ago

My grandma died 8/16/2010 I was very close to her. When I read this poem, it said it all.

  • Sekeya by Sekeya
  • 14 years ago

This poem fits me and my grandmom to a "T". She just died. I was looking for a poem to read at her funeral, and I hope to read this one by Dani Alexandra, it would mean the world to me. I'm not a poet but I know a great poem when I here one. And I know my nana would love this one just as I do.

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