Grandmother Death Poem

Poem Thanking Grandma For Always Being There

I couldn't find the right way to say goodbye to my gran when she died, so I wrote it. I wanted her to know how she influenced me and that I missed her but that I knew she was still there somehow.

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Angel In The Window


Published by Family Friend Poems May 2016 with permission of the Author.

I see you in the window as you wave goodbye to me.
I hear you say a drop of milk as I go to make tea.
The stories of your life sounded like straight from a book.
Your adventures inspired me with every step I took.

My memories now come flooding in,
Of games, cards and a two pence win.
The warmth of home, that cooking smell;
We all have memories of being fed well.

You never stopped believing in all I could do.
With you behind me, I took off and flew.
You eased all my doubts and fears.
I just assumed you would always be here.

I watched you leave day by day.
I tried so hard to make you stay,
But you fought longer than you should have done.
I'm glad that you finally get to see your son.

The pain will ease, or so I'm told.
As I stand in your house, silent and cold,
I know it's for the best; no more pain, you're finally free.
An angel in the window as you wave goodbye to me.


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