Father Child Poem

I have written this for my little princess who is 15 months old.
She is called Zehra, which in Arabic means 'the shining one'. I have realized fatherhood through her, and to her I dedicate this poem to tell her how much she means to me. I have tried to keep it very simple, portraying an unspoken conversation between father & daughter.

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Between Father And Daughter


Published: June 2010

Brightly-lit eyes speak to me,
Of all that you little heart wants to be.
With lots of excitement and warm tenderness
Come hold my hand, my darling princess.
At fifteen months you seem to say -
'I know I don't seem daunting in any which way.
But my thoughts are a-racing with all I want to do;
Baba, you will hold me till I am old enough, wont you?'
'I will', I say. 'Each time you fall and rise,
Through the dark - till the sunrise.
We shall spend the afternoon dancing in the rain
And watch the rainbow as the sun sets again.
Your first steps with me we shall walk by the shore;
Splashing in the waters, building sandcastles and more.
We shall count the twinklers and dance in the moonlight
Marveling at their brilliance with wonder and delight.
I want you to soar so spread your wings;
You are the angel, the stork did bring.
Enchantment, love, my joy is you...
Zehra - my shining star, most special are you! '


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