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ya well I'm terrible at introductions so just read my poem and you'll probably be able to tell what I'm saying.

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Don't you just love it when your sister abuses you every day and has been for 6 years now?? Great poem though.

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Black Heart


Published: March 2011

The pain, it hurts it rips and tears                 
                Unstoppable, but I don't care       
         All the lies about me, all the tears that have come             
           They're all from you and that thing you've become             
        Don't you remember when we were young and small?           
          All the secrets we shared, do you remember at all?         
             Now my hatred for you is growing strong         
          Every insult you throw, is it really so wrong?           
                   That your face makes me shake               
                     How much more can I take.....?         
                  Now, do you see what you've done?             
           This happened to ME, congratulations you've won               
             Now are you glad that you killed me inside?         
              Because now I wish I had really died                 
               Of course you don't, you'll never know             
              All the pain and suffering I'll never show                 
                       My heart isn't mending               
                     Because of all you're bending               
                       It's form slithering back                     
                        Only now it's black......



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  • Madison by Madison, Adelaide, Australia
  • 2 years ago

Don't you just love it when your sister abuses you every day and has been for 6 years now?? Great poem though.

  • Shaquanna by Shaquanna, London
  • 6 years ago

How would you feel if everyday of every hour that one person you thought that love you was abusing you, calling you names, playing mind games?

I had 1 leg, my friends said I was slowing them down so they left me they would never understand how much they meant to me, everyday people was curse and throw words at me the pain was nothing you've been through I cried and cried I hade suicidal thoughts but if I killed myself I would let the people that left me win! My mother and father blamed me for them splitting up saying that it was my fault they threatened to kill me saying if I don't come on top they'll leave me. My life is just... I'm a mistake. Now I'm dead and its all there fault for not helping me when I asked.

  • Pantera by Pantera
  • 7 years ago

I really love this poem. It's really deep and dark, and it shows what really happens to a victims heart. This is by far one of my favorites.

  • Hana by Hana, New York
  • 7 years ago

This is the exact same thing that happened to me. I was popular, really popular. Then I started to have a crush on this boy and everyone turned against me. I really didn't care that much, but some times I would weep because the boy that was my friend was so close to me, and I would remember our funny memories and start crying, which I am doing now. But enough of my life, your poem was GREAT! :]

  • Madison by Madison, South Dakota
  • 7 years ago

I was bullied in Middle school. Like I had friends and was popular and all but that didn't stop people from being mean to me. When I would be in the bathroom girls would rip everything out of my binders and through them on the floor. When I would have my locker open people would come and slam it. I never told the teachers or counselor about it because I didn't want to be a "tattle tail". So one day I walked outside after my cheerleading practice. One of the girls who bullied me non stop was out there. I wasn't sure if she was waiting for me or just had detention or something, but anyway, she started calling me a stupid hoe and a skanky whore. Then she walked up and shoved me. I fell and by then I had had enough, I got up and punched her. The next day she came to school with a black eye .. her and her group never bothered me again. Great poem by the way.

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