Jewish Holiday Poem

Poem To Victims Of The Holocaust

I wrote this poem about the Holocaust because I find it so heartbreaking to learn about what these innocent people went through because of simply who they were. They didn't deserve to die for being born a certain religion. I felt their pain so vividly, so I decided to put it into words. I dedicate this poem to all the victims of the Holocaust.

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Demons In Disguise


Published by Family Friend Poems June 2013 with permission of the Author.

There was peace among the streets
Children playing in the warm summer heat

Husbands greeting wives with a genuine smile
Siblings chasing after one another for miles

But then they arrived
The demons in disguise

Kidnapping those who wore the Jewish star
Packing hundreds of them in one tiny car

Creating chaos in every direction
Killing the love and affection

For many months the car rode
Filled with hundreds of pleading souls for a load

Finally the car stopped and the hostages held their breath
The doors opened and beheld the place of death

The people weak and ignorant
Tired and impatient

The demons who wear the symbol of evil
Guide the innocent souls to die in the hands of the devil

Belongings thrown carelessly onto the street
Stripped of their clothing and were beat

Numbers scarred their arms
Identifying them like animals on a farm

Forced to cut their hair
And sent to work in hot, sticky air

Punishment was death
To those who dared to rest

And killed,

Was punishment for being different

And killed,

Was the consequence for being a different religion

Few people have survived
To tell the horrors of their lives

Numbers permanently scarring their lives
Slicing into their past like sharp knives

No one can understand the dreadful pain
They went through in those many days

But what we can make sure to do
Is never let this dreadful pain redo


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