Loss of Father Poem

Questions after the Grave

Regrets.. of not being brave enough to let my Father know how much he meant to me and the shame I have of being-well what I am.

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Father, What Do You See?


Published by Family Friend Poems December 2013 with permission of the Author.

Look at me father
Do accept what you see
The other side of me
Your little girl so sweet
Has no more dignity
I am weak
As only you can see
A heart that only beats
No hope within me
A shadow of reality
Even though I close my eyes
The dead never sleep
Darkness all around
Joyful music has no sound
I float in a womb
That has no life to bear
Aborted by the illusion
You would always be there
So now where can I run
You were the only one
Torn away from me
From the loving God that I believed
Yet by his hand
He took you from me
Exchanging you for me
Look upon me father,
How ashamed are you of me
That I have crumbled
Your expectations of me
From your princess to a pauper
Unworthy to be
A part of you
I am just a shadow
Rarely ever seen
And as I follow behind you
Worthy of your love
I shall never be


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