Loss of Father Poem

Questions after the Grave

Regrets.. of not being brave enough to let my Father know how much he meant to me and the shame I have of being-well what I am.

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Father, What Do You See?


Published: December 2013

Look at me father
Do accept what you see
The other side of me
Your little girl so sweet
Has no more dignity
I am weak
As only you can see
A heart that only beats
No hope within me
A shadow of reality
Even though I close my eyes
The dead never sleep
Darkness all around
Joyful music has no sound
I float in a womb
That has no life to bear
Aborted by the illusion
You would always be there
So now where can I run
You were the only one
Torn away from me
From the loving God that I believed
Yet by his hand
He took you from me
Exchanging you for me
Look upon me father,
How ashamed are you of me
That I have crumbled
Your expectations of me
From your princess to a pauper
Unworthy to be
A part of you
I am just a shadow
Rarely ever seen
And as I follow behind you
Worthy of your love
I shall never be


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