Loving Poem about Family

A woman is grateful for her children in her life. She realizes that it's not so important what the weather is or other unimportant details.

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Feeling Thankful For My Children


Published by Family Friend Poems February 2006 with permission of the Author.

I woke up this morning and
pondered way too loud.

Will today be clear and sunny
or like a nimbus cloud?

All of a sudden I realized
this wasn't important at all.

In the big picture altogether,
this one thought seemed so small.

I thought then of my children,
and a smile came to my face.

The sentiment of my memories
took me to a higher place.

Their funny little antics
and endless questions, Mommy, why?

Had me laughing quite hysterically,
I began to cry.

I thanked God for my fortune,
and decided then and there.

Whether it rained or shined,
I did not really care.

Sandra Gibson
Copyright '2004 Sandra Gibson


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