Pregnancy Poem

Poem About Wanting To Conceive

Some take this incredible miracle of pregnancy for granted. This is dedicated to a friend.

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Published by Family Friend Poems April 2014

I trot along the yellow brick road
In search for something I need,
Passing the Lion, Tin Man, and the Scarecrow,
But not interest in any of these three.

I'm off to seek something bigger,
Something only the wizard can award.
It is not to take me to my empty home.
Something greater I have in store.

I have no need for bright red shoes
Or a dog named Toto; I already have three.
Or to be zapped back to my home on the hills,
Or a fairy, a witch, or a monkey. 

A crystal ball would be nice to have,
But friends, I really have plenty.
I'm eager to pass through Munchkin Land
To grab a few lollipops for the journey.

I've come to ask the wizard
For something I can't ever do,
For something I prayed so long for;
Even my God hasn't pulled through. 

I've seen this man grant many wishes.
When I was a young little girl
I thought it couldn't hurt none,
So I'm here to give it a whirl.

I am asking the wizard for a baby,
For I never could conceive.
Though I try so hard so many times,
I want this more than the air I breathe.

And once he grants me my wish
And places a seed inside my womb,
I will request that he fly me back
To a home with a nursery room

Where I can rock my baby in a chair
And sing lullabies to it all night long
And envision our life together
Inside our souvenir crystal ball

My home won't lack from silence.
My heart won't lack empty space.
My dreams will have come true.
I will be kissing my baby's face.


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