Loss Poem

A Poem Of Understanding Loss

For everybody who has grieved, lost someone, and is wandering.

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I have lost an ex-lover in a car accident and a babe born sleeping. I've found it easier to accept death from old age and illness, including my grandma who brought me up. I am blessed today...

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Published by Family Friend Poems September 2016 with permission of the Author.

We know loss
Because we've felt love and hope.
We know sadness
Because we've understood happiness.
We are broken
Because we were once nearly whole.

Take comfort, dear friend.
One day in the heavens,
Away from our consciousness and earthly pain,
You'll find what you lost,
Your beloved, a part of you.

And you'll laugh with tears of joy.
Take comfort, dear friend.
You cannot find what you haven't lost.


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  • Samuel E. DADA by Samuel E. DADA, Abuja
  • 4 years ago

I know loss because I know what it meant to have you around bro. Yusuf, continue rest. Rest with the Lord. Wonderful poem!

  • Terry Michael Mendez by Terry Michael Mendez
  • 7 years ago

This poem reminds me of my love my soulmate, Diana Lynn. I miss her so. It will soon be 7 years on the 19th of February, but it feels like yesterday. Still grieving!

  • Lilli Janzen by Lilli Janzen
  • 7 years ago

This poem of loss has touched me deeply. Today would have been his birthday, but as suddenly as he came into my life to heal me from a broken heart, he passed away. I had seen him just before he left this earth, and I have been holding onto his words: "I still love you, you know." So many years have passed since then, but my love for him will never die. We laughed together, we invented things, and we understood each other so well. I say to him today, "I still love you, you know." God bless you forever.

  • Keri L. Scott by Keri L. Scott, Midland, MI
  • 7 years ago

Dedicated to my Grandfather Merle Scott: 11/30/1946-09/04/2016

Grandfathers are special,
Especially mine is to me.
My papa is my hero,
My father figure,
My best friend.
My grandfather was my world!
Now he is gone and I am lost,
Not knowing where he went or why he had to go so fast.
My heart feels as if there is something missing.
The tears keep falling faster and faster.
My heart hurts so bad.
I feel the anxiety come over me
Realizing he is no longer with us anymore,
Just wishing for one more goodbye,
But never will that happen!
My grandfather is gone,
Gone into God's hands
While he plays guitar and sings his George Jones.

  • Johanna Reed by Johanna Reed
  • 7 years ago

I miss you tall, tan, handsome man.
I miss your sparking brown eyes.
I miss your soft kiss, hugs, and holding hands.
My life was full of your love of life.
I miss your smile, laughter, humors, whistling, hearing your voice.
I miss you already; someday we'll meet each other in heaven.
My heart has hole in it since you left the earth.
I love you with all my heart to your heart eternity.
I miss you, Baby;
I know you are around with me wherever I go.

  • Sheryl Bates by Sheryl Bates Poet
  • 7 years ago

I have lost an ex-lover in a car accident and a babe born sleeping. I've found it easier to accept death from old age and illness, including my grandma who brought me up. I am blessed today with 2 children I love more dearly than I could ever imagine. One would not be around because of the one who passed. So I have some comfort that way.

Now that I have children, I cannot imagine how devastating it is for any parent who had time with a child and then lost them. I think back and cannot fathom how painful the parents of that ex-lover feel. Or how families in war-torn/unstable countries cope. It is simply not right for any parent to bury a child.

Time fades the hurt and blurs memories but never removes the loss, even as others forget. I am not religious, but I believe in God and higher design, and I understand that with all life comes death, and with love/attachment comes separation/pain. I hope that you find comfort one way or another and realize that you are not alone. One day we will all be dust.

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