Loss of a Friend Poem

Saying Goodbye To Your Best Friend

I met my best friend, Duane Nadeau, when I was 16 years old. They say when you meet your soul mate, there is this connection that can't be explained. Duane was born with Cystic Fibrosis of the lungs and pancreas. He was the strongest man I knew, fighting every day to stay with us as long as possible. When he died, the person I was before died with him. He was my heart, my soul, and a part of me that only existed because of him. The love we had will always stay with me. There's a hole that will never be filled.

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Goodnight, My Soul

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Published: December 2016

Goodnight, my soul; your journey has ended.
Your struggles have now begun to cease.
Time to close your eyes to happy dreams
And wake to eternal peace.

The road is not so long now.
No more winding paths,
Just a silver beam of radiant light
That will take you home at last.

Goodnight, my soul; I wish I could have more time.
I wish I could make you stay.
It's easier to be that selfish
Than to deal with this pain every day.

I don't want you to be afraid.
Everything will be okay.
I will stay with you till the end
And hold your hand as you drift away.

Goodnight, my soul; I don't want to let go.
We've been together many years.
It's hard to see what lies ahead.
It's blurry through the tears.

Free from pain, you fight no more.
That's all we wish for ones we love.
Take us with you wherever you go
And protect us from above.

My love is endless.
Our two souls are forever entwined.
There will always be a hollow spot.
I will miss you until it becomes my time.

So, goodnight, my soul; tears fall
As I bid a regrettable farewell.
One thing will remain honest and true,
For me, living without you is going to be hell.

The grief I feel will be as endless as my love for you.
Until we meet again at those pearly gates...wait for me there.



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