Growing Up Poem by Teens

Feeling Like A Disappointment

My dad was always pushing me to do my best. He always put a lot of pressure on me. When I started failing school he became very violent when we spoke. My mom was already having trouble with my dad. I had no one to turn to, so I began writing to feel better.

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Growing Up


Published by Family Friend Poems April 2017 with permission of the author.

I've grown up, I'm not your perfect little girl anymore.
Bottled up inside are the things I never said,
The lines you never read,
The voices in my head I can't keep quiet.

I know I'm a failure to you.
I'm sorry I've disappointed you.
I've worked so hard to make you proud,
But it never seems to be enough.

Each word you say when you're mad hits me like a bullet,
Leaving a stinging red mark.
No matter how hard I try, I always seem to fail.
It hurts because you know how much I look up to you.

You let me down when I needed you the most.
I'm now done trying to impress you,
Done starving myself to be more like you.
It's time for you to let go.

Remember, I've grown up.
I'm not the perfect little girl I used to be.


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