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A Poem Of Strength And Resilience

I wrote this poem at 3:20 am on Monday after finding out the person I loved was actually not in love with me anymore. This poem was originally going to be about my painful heartbreak, but after writing my first two stanzas, I realized I cannot dwell on something that was not meant to be and that I don't need him to be who I am. I am my own person, with a man in my life or not.

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Heartbreak Toward New Light

© more by Kelsey Albrecht

Published by Family Friend Poems April 2015 with permission of the Author.

You made me trust you,
You made me love you,
You made me dream that you were the one for me.

But now you are gone,
Heartbreak consuming me,
Sitting here, alone in pain,
Wondering why you have left me.

I tell you that I'll do anything,
I tell you of my forever love,
I tell you to come back for me,
But here you never come.

With tears on my cheeks,
I now stand strong.
A man is never a necessity,
Friends and family are the people for me.

My heartbreak now turns to strength.
I say goodbye to you who brought me pain,
And walk toward new light of hope and prosperity,
For I don't need you to be me.


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