Baby Death Poem

I wrote this October 30th - 7 1/2 weeks since I lost my baby. I feel like I've come along since then but I have my days that I still feel like this.

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Hills & Valleys


Published: February 2009

The hills, the valleys
and the bends.
Going up and down each day,
wondering if my heart will mend.

Sure, the pain will lessen
and I'll genuinely smile once more
but the emptiness will stay
and my heart will forever be sore.

You were all I ever wanted
and now you'll never be.
You were going to be my future
now that has ceased for me.

I can't help this feeling
of feeling so alone,
but I just can't talk about it
I don't want to be a moan.

So I'll keep writing
and talking to you in my mind.
Until we meet one day
and then true joy I will find.

I'm not saying
it's going to be soon,
even if it's years from now
my joy will be over the moon.

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