Feelings Poem by Teens

Well, it's not like my first poem I've ever written, but it's my first one that I'll show to the public. I wrote it because I want to go back to the person I was before, but now I'm the opposite of who I used to be. I always try to change back to the way I was, but I end with the same answer.

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History Is My Past


Published by Family Friend Poems September 2017

What happened to me?
The mask I wear
Was never before there.
My emotions were here,
But now they're gone,
Lost forever.
The smile I wore before
Shone so bright;
Yet now as I smile,
There is no hint of light.
I laugh like the others,
As not to give them fright
And sit silently in the darkness
To mask myself before their sight.
I mourn at night,
As my past self comes in view
And wish to the stars
That I could rewind time.


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