Teen Pregnancy Poem

Now life is hard I'm 13 and I'm pregnant the daddy is not there because he got in trouble. People at school are making me want to kill myself but this is a poem saying that it will be alright

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It's Going To Be All Worth It


Published: March 2012

I walk through the doors.
12 years old.
Everybody stares, because I'm starting to show.
I hear what you are saying it's all around the school.

I cry at night, because I know I'm a fool.
I thought you were going to be here for me and your baby.
I know you can't because right now you're in jail.

The people at school still talk I know they don't care.
Right now my depression is not being fair I cry at night.
Just wishing you would stop saying all the mean things and killing me inside.

I'm still putting up with it because one day I will have my baby a boy or a girl.
Only 6 months away we will make it I swear.


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