Pregnancy Poems

Pregnancy Poems

Poems about Pregnancy

Pregnancy is the privilege of experiencing God's miracles on earth. "in my flesh shall I see God". Nowhere is this more apparent than in the experience of a pregnancy. Science has made it possible to witness the baby's growth on a sonogram. Once you see that, there's no turning back. Watching and feeling this little miracle grow inside you, knowing that one day you will hold this child in your hands is one of the greatest gifts that can be experienced.

17 Poems for Expecting Mothers & Fathers

  1. 1. Cry Of An Unborn Child

    To be honest, I have always felt strongly against abortion. This poem represents the voice of an unborn child pleading for its life.

    Letter To Mommy From The Womb

    For My Mommy (the cry of an unborn child)

    Hello Mommy, this is me, your baby-
    I'm just a tiny someone,
    Floating in your tummy, feeling snug and warm.
    When God made me, He gave me a soul
    And sent a special angel to look after me
    And an angel to look after you, too.

    I'm growing a little bit every day,
    And soon I'll get my own fingers and toes.
    Once my ears have developed properly,
    I'll be able to hear the sound of your voice.
    Please Mommy, don't let them hurt me-
    I'll do my very best to be good.
    I just want a chance to live my life and be someone special in yours.

    I'll make you breakfast on Mother's Day
    And draw pictures, made especially for you.
    I'll sing loudly in my first school concert
    And try my hardest at everything I do.
    There might be days when I'm a bit naughty
    And make you scream and shout,
    But I'll also give you plenty of hugs and kisses
    To cheer you up when you're sad.

    Oh Mommy please, just give me a chance...
    We don't need to live in a big fancy house,
    And I don't need a room filled with toys.
    All I ask of you is your love and a chance to love you back.
    I want to be able to call you "Mom," and hear you say I'm yours.

    I long to feel the grass tickle my toes
    And the warmth of the sun on my back.
    I want to experience the excitement of my first day at school
    And the joy of playing with my friends.
    Don't listen to the voices saying it'll be easier when I'm gone.
    God chose YOU to be my mommy,
    And He chose me to teach you about LOVE!

    So please mommy, don't let me down.
    I know God and His angels will help.
    Be strong for me... hold on to me...
    You'll be grateful in eternity!

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    Latest Shared Story

    I loved this poem so much, it made me cry. I am totally against abortion. No baby should be murdered by its mother. It is sad to see children God has made being murdered. If you can't take...

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  3. 2. A Boy Or A Girl

    • By Regina M. Linn
    •  Published by Family Friend Poems February 2006

    As the baby kicks around in the womb, the mother wonders what he or she will be like. One thing she knows for sure this baby will be loved unconditionally.

    Talking To Child In Womb

    At first you moved,
    only a little.
    I could always find you,
    right in the middle.

    As time went on,
    you really started to grow.
    It wasn't a whole lot,
    in fact, it was rather slow.

    Before I knew it,
    you were all over the place.
    It kind of felt like
    you were running a race.

    People would ask me
    if you were a boy or a girl.
    I would sit and wonder,
    if you would have curls.

    There are so many things
    I really want to know.
    But you are hidden inside,
    so the answers don't show.

    How much will you weigh?
    How tall will you be?
    What color is your hair?
    Will you even like me?

    I hope and pray
    you feel like you belong.
    I never want you to feel
    like you are alone.

    Your Dad and I
    planned you from the start.
    You, my dear child,
    were made straight from our hearts.

    In about a week or so,
    I'll meet you, for the first time.
    For you are the product
    of your Dad's love and mine.

    There will be no one like you,
    not any place in the world.
    It really doesn't matter
    if you are a boy or a girl.

    We are both so happy
    that you even exist.
    The gender doesn't matter.
    you'll be hard to resist.

    I hope I make you proud,
    that I am your mother every day.
    Because, you have filled my dreams
    in more ways than words can say.

    It won't be long before
    I can look you in the eyes.
    I can feel the excitement growing,
    I know I'm going to cry.

    Don't worry my angel,
    those tears will be of joy.
    It won't matter to me
    if you are a girl or a boy.

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    Speechless! I really loved the poem! I'm a teenager who right now has 2 boys and one coming along in April (if God is willing). This poem relates to me in various ways, although I'm on my 3rd...

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  5. 3. A Note To My Son

    • By Dacia Lockwood
    •  Published by Family Friend Poems February 2006

    An expectant mother promises all goodness and love to her son that will be born.

    Poem From An Expectant Mother

    Time is moving slowly,
    The day is almost here.

    The anxiety and joy is building up,
    For my baby boy will soon appear.

    I can't wait to see your smiling face,
    And hold your little hand.

    Just then I'll know deep inside
    that you're my little man.

    I have so much to share with you
    day after day.

    And to you my son I will give my love
    in each and every way.

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    Latest Shared Story

    My story is about my unborn grandson to his parents

    To Mommy & Daddy
    When I enter this world in Mommy& Daddy's Life I hope I can make them forget their worries & strife.
    It's really nice...

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  6. 4. To My Precious Child

    • By Julie K. Ross
    •  Published by Family Friend Poems February 2006

    A pregnant woman writes a poem to her expectant child.

    Love Poem To Unborn Child

    Whether you're a little girl
    Or a little boy
    Just knowing that you're on your way
    Fills my heart with joy.

    You'll learn that you're my miracle
    For you I've waited long
    You'll see it in my poetry
    Maybe even in a song.

    May you always know what love is
    From our whole family
    That, my little angel,
    Is a promise straight from me.

    I hope you grow up strong and smart
    Because you stayed in school
    Intelligence will be your art
    Wisdom will be your tool.

    You can be whatever you want to be
    As long as you put your mind to it
    Whenever you hit a rough spot, though,
    I'll be there to see you through it.

    Whether it's music, dance or even sports
    I'll let you try it all
    We'll shop for tights and soccer shorts
    Downtown at the local mall.

    I'm not sure of what else to say right now
    'Cause I've really said a lot
    You'll learn to understand me
    'Cause I'm the only Mom you've got!

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    Latest Shared Story

    My baby is just like this poem, so beautiful and cute, I love her so much!

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  7. 5. A New Father's Questions

    • By Jose Bernard
    •  Published by Family Friend Poems February 2006

    An expectant father looks toward the job of fatherhood with excitement and wonder.

    On Finding Out You're To Be A Dad

    You come to me with sadness in your eyes,
    And tell me we have to talk,
    Immediately I think the worst,
    'Is it me? Does she want to walk?'

    You try to begin, but don't know how,
    And my nerves are standing on end.
    You say that you're pregnant, two times confirmed,
    And we may have a new little friend.

    I'm speechless and breathless,
    I can't form words to say,
    This isn't what I expected,
    Driving home today.

    I know this is sudden,
    And we haven't prepared,
    But we've been through so much already,
    Look at all we've shared.

    Now there's another life,
    Growing inside of you,
    And I wonder what kind of Dad I'll be,
    Will our Child's dreams come true?

    Will I be the kind of father,
    Who dotes upon his child?
    Who fixes skinned knees,
    With a smile, patient and mild?

    Will I learn to chase the monsters,
    From underneath their bed?
    Will I be able to ease the nightmares,
    From our child's tiny head?

    Will you shine as a mother?
    Will contentment light your face?
    Will it bring out even more beauty,
    Which the passage of time could never erase?

    Will you be the kind of mother,
    Who worries each time our child is ill?
    Each stuffy nose an emergency,
    Or will you have more resolve than I will?

    What will it look like?
    Will it have your eyes?
    Will it love us right away?
    Will it look on us with surprise?

    Will we learn to adjust to 2am cries?
    Can we deal with late night feedings?
    Will I cry in front of the Obstetrician,
    The First time I hear our child's heart beating?

    Will it be a son or daughter?
    Will it grow up to be like us?
    Will we learn to deal with the crankiness,
    When our baby starts to fuss?

    These questions seem so pertinent,
    More so now than they ever had,
    I hope our child will love their mother,
    As much as she's loved by their Dad.

    I'm scared and excited,
    Hesitant and yet bold,
    We're going to be a family,
    And our baby we'll soon hold.

    Will it be a boy or a girl?
    I guess only time will tell

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  8. 6. A Hand Yet To Hold

    • By Whitney
    •  Published by Family Friend Poems March 2018

    I am pregnant and waiting to talk to my partner, who wants to end the relationship.

    Eager Anticipation To Meet Your Baby

    A soul is inside me, awaiting a life.
    Eyes yet to open with wonder and delight.
    A mouth yet to laugh, expressions untold.
    To love and be loved, a hand yet to hold.
    The journey of life, whatever will be.
    Sleep now my baby, and wait for me.

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  9. 7. Tiny Baby

    • By Danielle Bramlett
    •  Published by Family Friend Poems June 2009

    I have six children and this will be our last. I'm scared to death to think this might be it.

    Poem About Anticipating the Arrival of a Baby

    Tiny movements like tiny kicks
    Tiny baby, a mother's bliss
    Can't wait to give the tiny you
    Huge hugs and lots of kisses too

    What tiny dreams you might have now?
    I would understand someday, somehow
    I dreamed last night, your tiny face
    An angel indeed, made from God's sweet embrace

    How else would mommy know?
    How much her tiny little angel has grown?
    How else would mommy guess?
    If her little angel has some requests?

    I know that somehow you could now hear
    Oh, what a thrill you will bring us here!
    Now hush my baby, it's time to rest
    Inside my womb, your own calm nest

    May God help me to keep you safe
    And always keep you strong, I pray
    I love you right before I planned you
    And I love you more now that I have you

    love, your soon to be mommy xoxo

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  10. 8. On My Way

    • By Adrien
    •  Published by Family Friend Poems June 2009

    My husband and I are starting a family. This poem will announce the arrival of our new baby around Christmas and what that means for our family.

    Poem Announcing a Pregnancy

    I Know You Can't See Me
    I'm Tucked Away
    Close To Christmas Is
    My Arrival Day
    Each One of You Play
    A Special Role
    You'll Guide and Love Me
    A Hand to Hold
    God Said I'm A Gift
    Sent From Angels Above
    I Can't Wait To See You
    I'm a Bundle of Love

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    Latest Shared Story

    This poem is perfect my daugther is pregnant and her Due Date is 12/24/2016.

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  11. 9. Follow The Yellow Brick Road

    • By Sheri
    •  Published by Family Friend Poems April 2014

    Some take this incredible miracle of pregnancy for granted. This is dedicated to a friend.

    Poem About Wanting To Conceive

    I trot along the yellow brick road
    In search for something I need,
    Passing the Lion, Tin Man, and the Scarecrow,
    But not interest in any of these three.

    I'm off to seek something bigger,
    Something only the wizard can award.
    It is not to take me to my empty home.
    Something greater I have in store.

    I have no need for bright red shoes
    Or a dog named Toto; I already have three.
    Or to be zapped back to my home on the hills,
    Or a fairy, a witch, or a monkey.

    A crystal ball would be nice to have,
    But friends, I really have plenty.
    I'm eager to pass through Munchkin Land
    To grab a few lollipops for the journey.

    I've come to ask the wizard
    For something I can't ever do,
    For something I prayed so long for;
    Even my God hasn't pulled through.

    I've seen this man grant many wishes.
    When I was a young little girl
    I thought it couldn't hurt none,
    So I'm here to give it a whirl.

    I am asking the wizard for a baby,
    For I never could conceive.
    Though I try so hard so many times,
    I want this more than the air I breathe.

    And once he grants me my wish
    And places a seed inside my womb,
    I will request that he fly me back
    To a home with a nursery room

    Where I can rock my baby in a chair
    And sing lullabies to it all night long
    And envision our life together
    Inside our souvenir crystal ball

    My home won't lack from silence.
    My heart won't lack empty space.
    My dreams will have come true.
    I will be kissing my baby's face.

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  12. 10. Natalie

    • By Cheri-Ann Leon
    •  Published by Family Friend Poems December 2009

    A poem written for my daughter explaining what lies ahead.

    My Sweet Little Baby Poem

    Current mood: determined

    Natalie, my sweet little baby
    I love you with all my life.
    To feel you move inside of me
    Lets me know what beautiful wonders life really does bring
    One day soon you will be brought to this world
    The doctor will place you on my heart.
    From there, my love, you and I will never part.
    Your mommy idolizes you forever and for always
    Anything life gives you I will be there to guide you
    We will gaze at the moon and stars
    We will watch the sun rise and set
    I will help you notice the smallest miracles in life
    We will always stop to smell the flowers
    We will touch the grass
    And lie in the sand
    We'll walk in mud and play in the rain
    You'll draw pictures for me and even paint.
    Your dresses will be big
    And your hands so small
    Your voice and songs so sweet
    An angel's voice to me
    Once you are here, Natalie,
    The world is yours and I am here for you.
    Never EVER to leave.

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    I have a Natalie, too, and I'm sure we have done all of those things. She's my Christmas in July baby, which is perfect. She always starts shopping early for her Christmas presents--probably...

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  13. 11. Bravest Of Us All

    Teenage Pregnancy Or Abortion

    The bulging belly tells a story
    Her naked hand is a cause for shame
    She is scared
    And alone
    Fornicators look at her
    And laugh
    Three fingers point back
    She thinks her only way out
    Is to destroy the thing inside
    Angels and demons struggle in her head
    Fighting for life

    She goes to church
    Pro-life people shun her
    They whisper:
    "She is not married"

    Against all odds she decided to tell her family
    She is going to see this through
    She encounters anger
    What a little whore she is
    God seems to not love her

    She makes an appointment
    Tears in her eyes she ascends
    The stairs
    Carrying the weight of her cross
    The doctor will see you
    Then behold
    A miracle
    A women dressed with the sun
    Do not harm this child
    Take comfort my daughter
    I have been where you are
    I have received their teasing
    Do not listen to them
    God himself has touched you

    The bulging belly tells a story
    Her naked hand proves how brave she really is.

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    I can sense the real art of poetry and l like it .

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  14. 12. Poem To My Unborn Child

    • By Jessica P. Nichols
    •  Published by Family Friend Poems February 2006

    The time when a little unborn potential dwells inside made of love.

    You are the unborn child deep inside of me,
    like a tiny seed that turns into a tree.

    You are the child made out of love,
    with a little help from the man upstairs above.

    In nine months I will give birth to a girl or a boy,
    and share with my family this wonderful joy.

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  15. 13. Spes Mundi (Hope Of The World)

    Poem on the beauty of pregnancy

    Beauty Of Pregnancy

    Womb of the mother
    In which resides the hope of the world
    True paradigm of
    Your bulging belly extends
    Like the hand of God
    Showing all of us the miracle of life.

    Everything you do goes
    To the child within you
    You never act for yourself
    Confident and
    You are my hero
    More powerful that any Hercules
    More feminist, than any feminist
    More important that any work
    Do not listen to the world!
    They find happiness in pleasure
    But you find joy in giving
    Yourself up
    For another
    The paradigm of
    Your own belly button is highlighted
    By your massive girth
    Remember remember
    You once experienced this thing called birth.

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    Being pregnant is hard but I got my family and friends to be there for me to help me get through my pregnancy oh what love and when I feel my bundle of joy moving inside me it feels weird!...

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  16. 14. I Love You, Baby

    • By Stephanie E. Layton
    •  Published by Family Friend Poems February 2006

    A woman writes a love poem to her child. Touching and sweet, this poem will be sure to get you on your feet.

    Poem About Reflection on Baby's First Birthday

    When I found out you were coming,
    It took me by surprise.
    It took me time to realize
    I'll have a son by my side.

    People said well, you're too young,
    you don't know what you're doing.
    You'll have no future for your baby,
    your life is now all ruined.

    I blew them off and worked real hard.
    For future is what I'll give him.
    Nothing less is what he deserves,
    for he is a gift from heaven.

    June 17th, the time has come.
    The birth of my son is here.
    How big will you be? Are you healthy?
    What color will be your hair?

    So many questions run in my head
    as I'm waiting for you to come out.
    The next thing I hear, the greatest thing.
    You let out a tremendous shout.

    Your cry was like a beautiful
    song sung just for me.
    I knew now that you were safe
    and soon you'll be with mommy.

    In my arms your body went.
    I counted ten fingers and toes.
    Then I looked at your face.
    I counted two eyes and a nose.

    Time went by way too fast.
    Now you're learning to crawl.
    Before I know it, the day will come
    when I'm chasing you down the hall.

    Happy Birthday to my HIMS.
    What a year it has been.
    You've learned so much and getting bigger.
    You're one and you'll soon be 10.

    I love you always and forever.
    You'll always be by my side.
    It's HIMS and mommy from here
    on out until the end of time.

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    Latest Shared Story

    I love all that have read in the pregnancy inspiring! prepares my mind for the joy of Motherhood!

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  17. 15. Three Months Left

    • By Brandy Moore
    •  Published by Family Friend Poems February 2006

    An expectant mother is nervous and excited and prays that God give her strength to face the challenges ahead.

    Poem About the Emotions Felt During Pregnancy

    Never thought this would happen to me,
    Never thought I'd be 18 and pregnant.
    Never thought I was invincible,
    Just never thought it would be me.

    But now it is true,
    3 more months and we'll have a little one.
    So many emotions I have,
    So hard it is to express them.

    Want to scream and cry,
    Want to run and hide.
    Want to wake up
    And it be just a dream.

    But it's not,
    And soon we will have a life to care for.
    A life to support and provide the best for.
    So scared I am that I will fail,
    So afraid I am that I can't do it.

    But God will give me strength,
    To let me handle it.
    God will give me everything I need,
    To raise the miracle he blessed us with.

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    This is me exactly! except I've still got 6 more months to go. So excited though and my boyfriend will help me the whole way through it all, and god especially. 18 and pregnant, never thought...

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  18. 16. How Did I Let This Happen?

    • By Elizabeth
    •  Published by Family Friend Poems October 2008

    My name is Elizabeth. I was made to be perfect and innocent because I was a daughter of a priest. I had to be innocent, but I thought sex was going to make me cool and bad because I was tired of being innocent, and yes, I guess it made me cool for a while until I got pregnant, and then I was a slut but they are doing the same thing I did.

    Poem About a Teen Pregnancy

    How did I let this happen?
    What happened?
    This can not be?
    Not me?
    How I may be 13, but I am not stupid I know how!
    I didn't know what was happening.
    It was like 2 seconds long!
    Then I was late!
    I couldn't even face my parents.
    When I told them their barely 13 year old daughter
    was going to have one of her own?
    They couldn't face me.
    They are disgusted.
    They tried to send me away.
    Now I am living with my sister.
    How could can I go on with my life?
    Slut they call
    I know I'm nothing at all
    How could the priest daughter be pregnant at age 13?
    My sister says I should get an abortion because I am too little to have a baby!
    She says that a 13 year old 5 foot 1 90 pound girl can not have a baby!
    The options are clear to me I am going to give her up
    or I keep her.
    It's going to be tough, but I have to choose between a life I once knew
    It's gone; it's so far away it's hazy
    How did I ever think I would be cool if I did that stuff
    it made me cool for like 3 months
    And now I am being called a SLUT
    How can they say that?
    They are doing the same thing I did.
    I am the only person who is going to pay
    Pay and even an innocent little girl that could've gone to anyone
    anyone else
    someone else
    please take her!
    I love her, I can't keep her when she's out
    she's going to someone who can give her a good life
    Because that's how strong my love is for her
    She will always be mine
    But I know that I can't keep
    if I could I would
    but I need her to get a good life
    that's all I can give her

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    I'm writing to you as the mother of a son who we were fortunate to adopt because of a young girl of 15 in your situation. It was a match that had to be made in Heaven, I have no doubt! We...

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  19. 17. A Special Glow

    This poem is inspired by my wife of 30 years and her pregnancies. She has always been beautiful, and each time she was pregnant her beauty had a special glow. My Pammy gave me 3 great kids, and now we have 4 beautiful grandchildren. I am so blessed; she is my world and the life that makes each day wonderful.

    You Are With Child

    I was told by you that you were with child
    I was scared for you and I tried to smile

    We had one last summer and fall, just you and I
    I now apologize for each time I had made you cry

    We were so young, we were in love, and we tried to not be afraid
    You were proud, strong and loving as you planned for that day

    I remember that morning, it was beautiful with snow on the ground
    We knew that your delivery was close and you had stayed with your mom across town

    I got to the hospital, I drove like mad and ran the rest of the way
    The doctor said we had time, they acted like you had all day

    You showed them, no time to waste
    You went right to the delivery room with no haste

    Our first son was born, dark hair, brown eyes, our Michael Ross
    I went to my Dad to see if that was ok, to name my first son after a son that he had lost

    8 months later I left for the Marine Corps
    I got a letter that said we would soon have one more

    This child was born, with fuzz for hair and eyes that were so blue
    Another wonderful gift from God and you

    We had planned for girl and got James Craig
    He was named from two friends, Jimmy and Craig

    Then 9 years later we decided to have another, we thought of no harm
    Things went so wrong, I almost lost you, you almost died in my arms

    That child that we would have loved
    That child joined God in heaven above

    So we were told that we most likely could have not a child
    For three years we went on with our lives, then one day God must have smiled

    You were blessed by God, to you he did smile
    He blessed you with a miracle, another child

    This one was different, you were more beautiful and had a special glow
    Things were so right, but there were things we did not know

    Problems arose, the baby needed to come early or it would not grow
    For three more days we did wait, you remained calm and still a glow

    I remember this delivery, this time I was filled with fear
    I was afraid of loosing you, I wanted you here

    I remember your pain, the anguish, the uncertainty and the fear
    After her birth I laid my head on your belly and cried many tears

    An angel was born, a miracle with dark hair and blue eyes
    Danielle Erin, she was added to our family, by God to our lives

    I have told you that each time you were with child you had a glow
    Now I realize it was your love, you heart and your soul

    For Pammy, you're are a special wife and mother
    A special woman like no other

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